Tuesday, May 24, 2011

shawl trend.

and it begins from Yuna..
later on everyone (girls) starts wearing shawl..
and it becomes a trend nowadays..
until some of the buttheartS will question..

..perempuan nie pakai tudung nk ttp aurat ke atau nk berfesyen??.. =.="

..i wont answer that..
you answer it yourself..

im not really into shawl.. doesn't fit into me at all. sometimes i do wonder, dont you feel chock and stuck wearing those shawls by sticking and circling it onto your head??.. it sure does show your head shape. hahaha.. thats the first shawl trend being introduced rite.. =D

like this!

 after that.. trend changes and people ooppss girls started wearing shawl with varieties of styles. now i'll introduce you with Hana Tajima and Maria Elena. 2 women who had inspired lots of girls to wear pashmina shawl. this time.. it wont stick onto your head.. ha!ha!.. 

Maria Elena

pic credit here.
  she'd uploaded lots of videos in youtube on how to wear pashmina/shawl like her..

 Hana Tajima

well boys.. now you know where all this shawl hectic inspiration comes from. haha.. well.. it doesnt cease here coz lots of other styles you can see nowadays where girls wear with inner like tudung syria.

so now let's look at 2 views:
in a positive way: for me.. org akan start pakai tudung la kan w/p pada dasarnya pakai sbb nk cantik. at least it's much better than not wearing at all rite.. 

in a negative way: people will start questioning like the above one. pakai tudung nie sbb nk cantik/berfesyen atau sbb tuntutan agama??

=> simple answer: tgk niat la kan.. haha..

i wont talk details about this. just want to emphasize that wearing shawl is absolutely gilrs' choice nowadays.. easy to wear katanya.. haha.. apparently, tudung bawal is the best tudung ever.. kan3x.. oh btw.. tudung makcik/tudung ekspress pun best jgk. lg senang nak pakai.. main sauk jer.. haha.. 

..try n error..
..me wearing pashmina and pyjamas. hahaha. burok sungguh!

that's why i prefer this..<3

..its more likey.. =)

that's all. pape pun yg korang pakai.. jnj tutup aurat.. when i say tutup aurat.. that's mean.. bukan sekadar tutup rambut jer.. kan3x.. =)


 littlethumbnote: dah siap2 dah beli baju raya ngan tudung.. hehe..

Monday, May 23, 2011

a fresh-start.

hello peeps n buds..
in a pink of health state? i hope so.. 
see.. a new layout i guess..
kinda fresh-start from a lazy blogger.. ngeh.ngeh . =0

..got so much to type..
but it ends up in a brain trash where i flash it every time i watch spongebob. 

1.30pm - 2.30pm 
Nickelodeon Channel at 612..

..who lives in a pineapple under the sea..

i care squidward so much and sometimes feel like ur laugh is quite annoying bob..

i dont do jobs. just remain safely at home.
dont have frens to hang out.
pity me..

housechores begins at noon.
those two toddlers will get home hungry if lunch is not well-served. cekadak!
then~ lipat baju. kemas dapur. kemas ruang tamu. hehe.

but still not a good-future housewife since im noob at sewing.
hate needles so much as i hate thread. it's a fact. =(

what else. ah, later on lah.
 oh. nnt update pasal Majlis Amal Mesra kat SMART ek. daa~
kalo aku rajin lah.

littletumbnote: im flying for Umrah next week.. pray for me.. =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a good song for a good day,

when you r about to remember someone who is very important to you, i suggest you this romantic song. its Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. it was a good song n no doubt dat i'd listened it like thousand times after watching Rachel Berry and Noah Puckerman sang it in Glee.. xoxo..


 ..n dat makes me a Gleek now.. shit!..

..Picture perfect memories..
Scattered all around the floor
Reaching for the phone 'cause
I can't fight it anymore

And I wonder if I
Ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one
I'm all alone
And I need you now
Said I wouldn't call
But I've lost all control
And I need you now

And I don't know how
I can do without
I just need you now

Another shot of whiskey
Can't stop looking at the door
Wishing you'd come sweeping
In the way you did before

And I wonder if I
Ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one
I'm a little drunk
And I need you now
Said I wouldn't call
But I've lost all control
And I need you now

And I don't know how
I can do without
I just need you now

Whoa, whoa
Guess I'd rather hurt
Than feel nothing at all

It's a quarter after one
I'm all alone
And I need you now
And I said I wouldn't call
But I'm a little drunk
And I need you now

And I don't know how
I can do without
I just need you now
I just need you now

Oh baby, I need you now

p.s: never heard of Taylor Swift's version.. =.= "

Monday, May 9, 2011


..Salam n greetings readers.

it's been a while rite.. sawang dah habuk dah mula berputik kat celah2 ketiak blog nie. mls nk update blog guna pc.. i'd rather use my lappy. hakhak!.. private la sket. =.=" senang nak letak pic. booo.. almost 1 month cuti, im still a job-seeker.. haha. ddk rumah jd bibik jer la senang~..

..list of events..

friday night. this was a big families treat kat Restoran.....?? (lupa nama) 3 families yoo.. besh2x.. makan besaw!! im da 1 yg tgh pndg bawah. (texting) hehe.. nie sume sepupu belah abah. abah belanja.. 

 ok. this kid mmg order sup tomyam utk dirinya sendiri shj. mmg kuat makan. cant wait other dishes. lapor!!.. =P

 banyak giler kan makanan. hehe..

 next day. kenduri doa selamat kat kampung belah abah. kat pekan. makcik sedara punye majlis lah. well.. mmg kecoh giler bila sepupu2 sume berkumpul. bnyk la bende nk cerita nye. hahaha.. kinda miss this moment.

 ..bab bergambar mmg kecoh. haha.. entah pape.. 

 ske gmbr nie. si IBU br siap cuci pinggan.. blh tgk pada lengan bajunya.. haha..

ok.. dah2.. next day. (series mmg next day!) majlis pertunangan Fatin Farhana. she was one of my oldies wkt primary. dulu giler rapat. ptg2 jln naik basikal ronggeng2 area playground.. main rondes la per la.. team netball wkt primary. then bila dah masuk secondary.. kureng sket lepak nya.. diff schools.. smpi sekarang. padahal rumah sekangkang kera jer.. ishk2x..

 ..cun woo..

 ..kawan lama.. =)

 nie tunang dia.. xtaw nama.. huhu.. =.="

 semoga berbahagia kepada fatin ek. kawen jgn lupa jemput. btw.. congratz gak kat klasmet aku, Sarah Shahimah yg br gak kawen ngan Bro Hadi.. semoga bahagia hgg ke anak cucu.. hehe.. (bila turn aku plak) haha.. berangan la alia.. =.="

p.s: xde ape nk tulis.. love u WAA. xoxo..