Sunday, December 8, 2013

4 days break

aikol had an ibadah camp last thursday exclusively for lecturers.
so that means we got no class.
and friday i dont have any class as well.
total up with saturday and sunday, i had 4 days break.

so i can sum up these 4 days break into one word:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

flood 2013

so everyone knows what is happening now. pantai timur is currently suffering a heavy flood.
the whole Kuantan has already paralyzed.
our house at Inderapura was also affected, but luckily the water level was not that high and that only happened just for one night.
other houses were affected badly. i pitied them especially Cu Buan sekeluarga.
kesian giler sbb paras banjir sampai dada.
people had uploaded pictures on facebook, seeing how many properties were damaged badly. vehicles especially. cars were submerged.
this is the worst flood second by 2001.
and now, still banjir x surut lagi.

ni adalah operasi menyelamatkan Cu Buan sekeluarga. hahaha.. mom uploaded this on fb. awal2 pg td she called reporting about that "operation".. sumpah lawak

abah cik told me that kereta abang yo dh hbs tenggelam. i wondered the cost that he would bear for the lost of his farm. seriously, it would be very substantial one. sian giler kot. bantuan makanan was not that enough. there was even a video about MP Kinabatangan whom protested usul made by YB Fuziah to commemorate Kuantan as darurat. that sucks ya know.. 

as for now, keluarga sume dh ok. w/p ma bg taw almari sume dh kembang, that doesnt bother me at all. yg penting semua selamat. i pray that for those who are still in a "refugee" state, please be patient. banyak2 kan berdoa semoga bumi menelan air2 dn kuantan kembali pulih. amin.