Tuesday, June 18, 2013


ok here's the thing.
my laziness is going viral.
ideas to update and babble about any story are no more in existence.
but still i keep this blog just wanna scroll down any other updated blogs or blogshops. hihi.

lagipun, im definitely sure 100% that this blog aint have its reader. kahkahkah. just the owner lah kan. so better i'll make it private or just let it be in public with any ghost readers passing by.

ok lah.. latest story :-

  • ermmm.. ive finished 3rd year 1st semester. now im in Hafidz & Dzulkarnain law firm, during 3 months practical. my supervisor is not here- went to Temerloh to settle his case. so ive got nothing to do except lingering around. panaskan punggung on the seat watching movies. keh3x..
  • ma and abah had just went to Umrah last 3 weeks. 
  • my final exams just before i started my attachment was merely so n so and rumors said the results are on this Friday. oh damn!
  • staffs in this are ___________. *fill in the blank.
  • my supervisor is very a loud person. his mood fluctuate whenever he is outside or inside the office. lol
  • my love on Benedict Cumberbatch has grown up. *tetiba.
  • i plan nk tunang tahun depan (insyallah). so nk kena simpan duit beli dress. muahahahahaha.. 

ok bye.