Monday, February 27, 2012

leisure hapdet


before this.. i was kinda eager.. promising myself to start being thrifty on spending money x tentu hala. meaning to say shopping lah kan... i got a total prohibition from Ma and Amir from not buying any handbags anymore. i have lots of them already. some of them were still in sealed and some of them are rarely used. and i went to the class everyday with 2 bags and a bagpack. the same bags i had used since cfs. the rest handbag i just kept in travel bag. haha..

so.. for this new-damn-buzy sem.. it tursn out that my weekend was a total bluff. i dont even have a time just to go out for window shopping.  assignments come out like a waterfall.. mencurah-curah ke ladang gandum especially 4 the mooting submission. it gives me a headache for doing it. getting a lame-embryo case which is kinda same with the surrogacy case during cfs.. sooo boring lahhh..  

ok.. keep that aside.. u know what.. i'll be getting a new blouse from pypylambstudio once again. they'r making hot-item-sale now!!.. hehe.. sangat2 murah.. tue lahh.. no time for window.. i'll go for online.. keh3x.. imma business woman who likes to spend money on eyes-catching stuff. hmm.. thought that it maybe the last thing i had to spend those ka-ching on.. really need to save money to buy Lugiaa's new cage.. sian betul ddk dlm bird cage.. space-less.. huhu... 

lastly.. can somebody pleas treat me chocolate lava cupcake from secret recipe.. im starving for it like chowder..

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


first and foremost, get a piece of cloth and cover your nose properly coz while u r reading this, the owner is actually tidying up the blog and sweeping away the

  • the 4th week as a 2nd year. 
so far everything went out well. im truly relieved after successfully dropped the UNGS subject after some of us (including me) were forced by the faculty to take compulsory moot this sem since they are not going to offer it during short sem. all the tutorial classes got clashed and it made me sworn to death of this kind of burdensome.. =.="

the RM200 voucher was already used up. the thought of buying 3rd and 4th year statutes was failed. law books were kinda creepy when it comes to prices. so damn expensive! i dont know how i "indulged" my RM400 in a blink of eyes.. thanks to Uncle Lee and his Gunung Tinggi photocopy bookstore who willingly to re-print those damn expensive criminal law books and cut the costs. u may say it illegal but trust me, how are you going to afford buying RM200-RM300 books??..

those 4 books in the middle that pokai-ing me..


as far as im smuggling Lugiaa in mahallah, i hope that i can cover it well. hehe.. those cafe workers were quite kind to give me permission to store Lugiaa's food (cdf) in a fridge. muahahaha.. u know how to coop with stress?? keep a pet with a long life-span one. but dont keep hamster. busuk ko taw.

soundly sleeping under a pillow.. ^^

now you know where i hide the cage. keh3x..

last but not least.. do you know how to match up this blouse??

..- from PpyLamb Studio

a "kind-hearted" gift from Mom.. muahaha.. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

mgg kedua

 today is the 2nd week of this new sem.. (lupa nk update yg aku dh jd 2nd year sekarang).. =.=" but seriously, im really not in the mood of new-semester-spirit-study.. dont know why.. an hour to go before i walk myself to the class and me, still lying on the bed typing this crap. =D

p.s: OH.. really had so much fun buying stationery stuff with that free RM200 voucher worth RM100.. and the fun was double up when it was not my voucher. muahahaha.. (mine were still unused)


Thursday, February 2, 2012

since the results were quite awesome..
so, ma treats me an olive blouse from ppylambstudio.

the breaks are almost come to an end.
going back to uia next monday..
i just stuck myself at home during these breaks..
no window shopping.. no lingering.. no random-driving..

so.. online shopping is the last thing to resort..
ssh btol nk cari top yg sedap mata memandang..

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TVXQ!(東方神起) _ 왜 (Keep Your Head Down) - MusicVideo

TVXQ - Keep Your Head Down
a must watch vid clip!

i admit it. this vid clip is beyond gorgeous. im not really a fan of k-pop. it's just liking-for-a-while. and then i just kept bore and then forgot bout it. 

well.. this is TVXQ or Dong Bang Shin Ki (hope i spell it right). This is the first k-pop idol group that i know. originally there are 5 members but then they dispersed and left with two; Max Changmin and U Yunho. u know how i knew their name? not that i had googled them but thanks to Running Man. muahahaha.. they had made an appearance at epi 27.. kih3x.. my favourite epi of all.. 

on that epi, they defeated the Running Man team 2:8.. and then they performed that song briefly for the victory. well.. i was quite amazed by the song!!.. like whoa!!.. kind of difficult rite to like a song for a 1st time hearing.. but this song made it!!.. 

im not going to babble more about running man or tvxq. its just this song really makes my day today. hehe.. k bye.