Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~...Ouch!!.. I'm Tagged once again!!..~

Fuuh.. one more tag!!..
I dont want to write more, just answer the quests given kay ~ by Amir..

1) Apakah hubungan awak dan dia?

> with who??.. the tagger??.. well, he's such a very nice person. I'm glad to know him as my friend.

5 impressions terhdp dia..

a) kind..
b) shy..
c) own a very beautiful voice.. i love it..
d) such a clever boy..
e) hardworking boy.. ( i swear!!)

Perkara yang paling memorable yang die lakukan kat awak

> err, maybe when he tried to backup us from getting into madness to BIBER..wahaha..

Perkara paling memorable yang dia kata pada awak

> Bile berlabuh tirai malam..
manusia terlena di dalam lamunan..

Kalau die kekasih awak.. awak akan..

wohoo!!.. ermm, i'll make sure him to be a sport man.. or, ask him to treat me as long as I want..haha..

Kalau dia jadi musuh awak. awak akan

> I'll ask all my vamps (vamp frenz) to bite him until death..!!!

Kalau die kekasih awak.. dia perlu improve dlm..

> as i said.. OUTDOOR SPORTS!!!...

8) Kalau dia jadi musuh awak... mungkin kerana...

> erm..(thinking).. pretend to be a (thumbs down) singer though he's not??..

Overall impression ttg dia..

> he's such a good boy..

The most desirable thing to do to her/him...

> make him as my duo.. wahaha..i'm looking 4wd 4 the day..

Apakah awak rasa ttg pandangan org terhadap awak?...

> furious, a lil bit egois, love handsome guyz..huhu.. and kind of choosy when making frenz..(i think)..

The character/s of you for yourself?

> a lil bit of ignorance of people and surrounding..
> easy to get mad, but still easy to cool & forget everything..
> if i get to win in any quarrel, then i'll feel guilty..

On contrary, the character you hate about you..

> i dont think be4 i'm going to spit out things when i'm getting into madness..

The most ideal person you want to be with?

> erm.. no idea.. but, he must love sports!!

For people who like you.. tell sumthing about them...

> (if there).. thanx for being my truthful frenz.. being sincered with me, kind being sporting to each other.. i love you guyz..!!

Ten people you tag

> Aliah
> Ahla
> Dinie
> Nafis
> Meera
> Hajar
> KD
> Afiq
> Husna
> Adilah

No.2 ada hubungan dgn siapa?

> her parents.. relatives.. friends..

Is no. 3 female or male..

> He's a male..

If no.7 and 10 have a relationship. Is it a good thing?

> yup.. both of them are good..

Mcmmane dgn no.5 dan no.8?

> dunno.. They don't even know each other..lol..

No.4 single kah?

> yeah, i think so..

No. 1 belajar apa?

> i've written in the prev blog.. COSMETIC!!..haha

) Say sumething about no. 6

> kind, Edison Cheng's crazy fans..(me too!!)...huhu..

No. 9 klakar tak?

> nope.. sangat alim...kahkahkah..

fuuh!!.. at last.. there are so many quest, but i like being tagged.. For me, it is so fun and moment-able..coz, the answers were come deep from my pink heart..huhu..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

~...Ouch!!.. I'm Tagged..~

My 3rd time i've being tagged.
Well, this tag was from Husna, my buddy since form 1..hehe..

eerr.. sort of unique quests..

1) Besides your lips,where is your favourite spot to get kissed? by whom

> My forehead and my hand.. eeww.. I hate being kissed!! By whom??.. nobody..!!

How do you feel when you woke up this morning?

> Fresh!!.. I went to Genting Highland this morning...hehe..

Who was the last person you take a photo with?

> My bros..; Akim, Afif and Epy..

Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?

> Nope.. grrr..

Would you donate blood?

> Yup. My pleasure.. xspecially to my another world. VAMPIRE..hehe..

Have you ever had a best friend who is of the oppossite sex?

> Yup.. not "A" but it should have "S".. dont' have to mention their names right??..

) Do you want someone dead?

> There is one man only.. That fucking Bush..!!

What does your last text message said?

> Adui, x smpt nak angkat.. Haha..

What are u thinking of right now?

> How I wish I can be a part of Gaius's student.. or maybe being like Merlin

Do you wish someone was with you now?

> right now??.. nope.. I love to be alone during night.

) What time did you go to sleep last night?

> 12.00 a.m. sharp.. After watching Otai Rempit..haha..

Where did you buy the t shirt you are wearing now?

> eerr.. KLCC.. I think, i'm not really sure..lol..

Is someone on your mind right now?

> Yeah.. It's Colin Morgan..He's kinda cute..hehe..

Who was the last person who text you?

> Nafis, my ex-classmate..sibuk je ngan waffle die..haha..

Peoples tagged to do this quiz:


Who is you are having relationship with?

> My family.. relatives.. friends..

Is no.3 is male or female?

> Meera??.. of coz la a female..haha..

If no.2 and no.3 get together,will it be a good thing?

> yeah, I think so..

What is no.1 studying about?

> errmm.. Cosmetic??.. haha..

Is no.3 single?

> owh.. Dunno..

Say something about no. 2?

> chubby, funny and clever.. huhu..

What do you think of no.1 and no.3 get together?

> Must be so noisy.. both are talkative..haha..

Describe no.3

> kind, Edison Cheng's crazy fan..hehe.. etc.. I dont know about her much..

What will you do if no.1 and 3 fight?

> there will be a circle..haha..

Do you like no.1?

> yup.. she's a good singer for English songs, kind.. etc.. but a lil bit wrestler??..haha..

~ that's all..fuuhh.. banyak tol soklan..

Friday, March 27, 2009

~...Diri in saje yg Tahu...~

Fail??.. yup.. my second failure..and I really am so sad about this. Well, i had wrote about the technical problem when i was going to apply law course- sponsored by J.P.A.. and now, i am not able to further my study in oversea.

Well, i changed my mind. I went to Che's blog and found a few scholarship links..(thanx Che).. i found Yayasan TNB.. My hope came to a really bright at that time. So, applied it. Thought i didn't like the course given ; mechanical engineering.. urgh!!.. I hate physics.. I just hope that maybe i should try something new if i ever got the interview by this scholarships..

well, today.. 27th of March, i went to check the result.. and of course with a B3 for physics, i didn't get the scholarship.. huh.. not my luck i thought.. with this 2nd failure, i don't know what to do. Day by day.. err.. (i think i dont want to write about this).. sorry..

maybe mine is next time...~ daa...

Monday, March 23, 2009

~...Me and Azza vs Syauqi...~

lalalala..~ huhu..

well, today was a lil bit a happy and a fun day for me. After finished our (me and Azza) driving lesson at Elit, Indera Mahkota, I accompanied Azza to Megamall..actually, just to withdraw her money..lol.. we didin't have to go to Megamall just to withdraw money, but since "dah terlajak pergi bandar" we just decided to have a walk at that mall.. hehe..

after the withdrawing, we went to the Popular, just to check out any latest vampire novels..haha.. Then, we went to KFC, and took our lunch - Zinger burger + cheesy wedges + pepsi.. simple, but we love them..!!!

and later, someone peeked on us, and i wondered who was him.. lol, Syauqi rupenye..he's alone, waiting for his unexpected friendz..Azraai or Alep..huhu.. We chatted together.. and i did feel so happy meeting my old fren..(quit freaky coz i did have a mighty quarrel with him, but pass is passed)... it was so long not to meet my oldie male funny and sporting frenz.. how i missed the day.. (oopps, zipp!!)..

AND NOW, this is the climax for the post. Later, we decided to have a karaoke!!!.. 6 songs!!.. can u imagine it??.. me and Azza versus Syauqi!!.. OMG, he's superb u know..(4 ur info, he's already has an indie band called THE NAME).. Syauqi's voice is good and great.. I love and miss all the nasyid moments in SMART.. haha.. Yeah, how were we going to defeat him.. He managed to sing the high-pitched note (Aduh Saleha, lagu Mawi)..adui..oldie betol..

these were the songs that we sang..

1- Hey Jude (The Beatles) by Syauqi

2- This I promise you (N Sync) by me..hehe..

3- If I let you go (Westlife) by three of us

4- Aduh Saleha (Mawi) by Syauqi

5- Its gonna be me (N Sync) by me and Syauqi..lol..

6- Cinta (Misha and Jaclyn) by me and Azza.. urggh!!.. so high-pitchy..

puas giler dapat nyanyi!!!.. but of course la.. i admit it!!.. I adore Syauqi's voice.. wait!!.. only his voice..(org dah berpunye le)..kahkahkah...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Aduh.. dengan result yang amat teruk..!!.. dengan web jpa yg "bolok"...


nak tau nape?.. ye la.. mule2 apply medic, than i changed it into law.. but then, i realized that, that "pertukaran" tue x jadi..!!.( balling my fist)....

aargh!!.. so what i'm going to do??... coz today, jpa dah umumkan panggilan pendedahan kerjaya seorang doktor..

saje je la cek nama, then of coz la the exact answer is DUKACITA!!..

so cam mane skarang??.. kursus law yang aku tukar tue x diterima ke??.. disebabkan name aku masih lagi dalam bidang perubatan??...

adui..!!! BENCI-nye!!!!...

lantaklah.. aku x sangap sangat oversea nie..!!!!!


~...Wedding Day...~

Abang Andak and Kak Puteri kahwin...

The wedding day was on last Sunday, 15th of March.. at Gemas, Negeri Sembilan... fuuh.. it was a reaaally long journey from Kuantan..

I went there with 2 families.. my family and my aunt's family.. we stayed in a hotel named ERA HOTEL.. well, there was not many penghuni. I didnt see any foreign guests, either. Papepun.. bilik dye mmg best, and there was a bowling center at the loby...hehe..

so, the day came!!.. We wore blues.. and this were the bride and the groom..


sama padan.. sama cantik..
so yg nie kat umah pengantin pompuan la..

nie gmbr pelamin skali ngan meja makan pengantin..

hehe.. tgk le sape yg bawak hantaran.. the blues...( bukan chelsea tau)

hehe, bergambar le kejap kat atas pelamin...


* bawk bunga manggar la plak.. kehkehkeh..

Tema warna purple..urgh!!.. i hate this color..

so, nie la gambar pengantinnye...

and so, nie la pembawa bunga manggarnyee.. hehe... me and my cousin, Nabila..

* so, tue je lah nak citernye..moga berbahagialah RAJA SEHARI tue...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

~...The Day Has Come...~

12th of March 2009.. huh.. how can i forget this day..

~ My nervous day ever...
~ It's just that someone are going to bring me to the dark side..(wohoo!!)

yeah.. The SPM results releases on this date..(TODAY!!).. So, i went to my school this morning, together with my dad, my mom, my youngest bro, my 2 cousins..riding my dad beloved's car..haha..

Know what..? I cant even simply guessing what will I get.. Cant even!!.. No doubt that I am hoping for the excellent results ( 11 A1's)..but still, 9a's is minimum.. ( praying & praying)..

some of my frenz kept sending " gud luck " messasges.. thanx guyz.. ( love you all)..

so, I planned something.. (jeng..jeng..jeng).. I had kept thinking of this godo2 idea since last fortnight..hehe.(funny I guess)... when I said it to one of my fren, he said that..

" Ala, rilek arr.. jumpe arr kejap kawan2..bile lagi kan.."

haha, I told my parents that when I just got the slip into my hand, I dont want to meet anyone.. I just wanna go home.. (haha..!!)..

so, guess what was my result..??..??

I got 6 1A's, 4 2A's, 1 3B

A1 - BAHASA MELAYU.. (of coz la wei)

A2- ARABIC LANGUAGE.. (arggh!!.. i want this to be A1)
ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS.. (not really good at this, but thank god)

B3- PHYSICS.. (I cant bring this subject, my soul rejected it)

hmm.. i envied my frenz who received straight A1's..
blablabla... urgh!!...

whatever it is..
Thank to God for giving me this good result.. Al-hamdulillah...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

~...Best Boy Bandz Ever...~

In my life, i just admit only two best Boy Bandz- WESTLIFE & N'SYNC...

Their songs are awesome.. amazing and so good.. although their songs nowadays can be called oldie.. but they are goodie..!!!

but here I just want to mention about N 'Sync.. i started knowing about this band boy when I was 9.. i think.. and at that time... fuuuh.. they were so popular with their songs.. their pop dance was so great!!.. I like all of them xspecially J.T nad J.C. Chasez.. (no doubt they are cute, at that time ...lol..)

I love all their songs.. all of them are hits!!!..lotz of memories rushing back when i heard and watched back their video clips..

* I was in a car when i 1st time heard this song (BYEbyeBYe) and that car was driven badly and rushy by my maniac cousin.. haha..

so.. enjoy this video...

(Hey, Hey)
Bye, Bye, Bye
Bye, Bye...
Bye, Bye...
Oh, Oh..

I'm doin' this tonight,
You're probably gonna start a fight.
I know this can't be right.
Hey baby come on,
I loved you endlessly,
When you weren't there for me.
So now it's time to leave and make it alone
I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye, bye, bye...

Bye Bye
Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain't no lie,
Baby, bye, bye, bye...
Bye Bye
Don't really wanna make it tough,
I just wanna tell you that I had enough.
It might sound crazy,
But it ain't no lie,
Baby, bye, bye, bye

(Oh, Oh)
Just hit me with the truth,
Now, girl you're more than welcome to.
So give me one good reason,
Baby come on
I live for you and me,
And now I really come to see,
That life would be much better once you're gone.

I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie,
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye, bye, bye...
Bye Bye
Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain't no lie,
Baby Bye, bye, bye...
Bye Bye
Don't really wanna make it tough,
I just wanna tell you that I had enough (ooh ooh)
It might sound crazy,
But it ain't no lie,
Baby, bye, bye, bye

I'm giving up I know for sure
I don't wanna be the reason for your love no more
Bye Bye
I'm checkin' out
I'm signin' off
Don't wanna be the loser and I've had enough

Don't wanna be your fool
In this game for two
So I'm leavin' you behind
Bye, bye, bye...

I don't wanna make it tough (wanna make it tough)
But I had enough
And it ain't no lie (Bye, bye baby...)
Bye, Bye
Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two (I don't wanna be your fool)
But it ain't no lie
Baby bye, bye, bye...

Don't really wanna make it tough (don't really wanna make it tough),
I just wanna tell you that I had enough (that I had enough).
Might sound crazy,
But it ain't no lie,
Bye, bye, bye

N'sync - It's Gonna Be Me

[Lance:] It's gonna--be--me
[Justin:] Oooh, yeah

You might've been hurt, babe
That ain't no lie
You've seen them all come and go, oh..
I remember you told me
That it made you believe in
No man, no cry
Maybe that's why

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again
But I'm not like them
Baby, when you finally,
Get to love somebody
Guess what,
It's gonna be me..

You've got no choice, babe
But to move on, and you know
There ain't no time to waste
You're just too blind (too blind), too see
But in the end, ya know it's gonna be me
You can't deny
So just tell me why

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again
But I'm not like them
Baby, when you finally
Get to love somebody (somebody)
Guess what (guess what)
It's gonna be me

[Lance:] It's gonna be me
[Justin:] Oh yeahhhhh...

There comes a day
When I'll be the one, you'll see..
It's gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna

[Justin:] It's gonna be me

All that I do
Is not enough for you
Don't wanna lose it
But I'm not like that
When finally (finally)
You get to love
Guess what (guess what)

Every little thing I do
Never seems enough for you (for you babe)
You don't wanna lose it again (don't wanna lose it)
But I'm not like them
Baby, when you finally
Get to love somebody (love..)
Guess what (guess what)
It's gonna be me

Every little thing I do (ohh...)
Never seems enough for you
You don't wanna lose it again (don't wanna lose it)
But I'm not like them
Baby, when you finally (baby when you finally)
Get to love somebody
Guess what (guess what)

[Justin:] It's gonna be me..

Friday, March 6, 2009

~...I'm being TAG'D...for the 2nd time...~

ok2.. i've received a comment from Meera at my 1st blog in my blog shoutmix..

well.. she tagged me.. so.. i've to answer a few unpredictable questions from her.. i went to her blog..(quite excited actually)... haha.. and these were what i found...


> List the rules on your blog...

Rules..?? i've no rules for my blog.. im just saying that "don't feel shy to leave commentz"...

> Share seven facts about yourself on your blog...

Seven facts..??
1) I am an Aquarius.. hehe ( 25th of January 1991 )..
2) I love BIOLOGY...!!! I hate Physics...!!!
3) I hate chocolate ice-cream, I love Vanilla...
4) I love to sing, and imagine singing in front of the crowd..haha..
5) I hate cooking coz I prefer tidying and arranging...(my pleasure)
6) I love my soft, fury, brownie teddy bear...(no dolls!!)...
7) I'm taking English Course right now...

> Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...

1) I LOVE VAMPIRES..!! www.vampiresfoundation.blogspot.com
2) I like to watch people around me.. and watch their antics..
3) I do talk to myself...hehe...
4) I do smell things be4 I eat/ drink them...weird??.. naah..
5) I hate Coffee..either cakes/drink/sweets...!! its smell.. urghh...
6) Watching handsome guyz ??...and say OMG..!!..huhu...

> Tag 7 people at the end of your post...

Sape ek??.. Sape rase nak kena tagged.., jawab je la.. U R INVITED TO BE TAGGED BY ME...hehe..

p/s : alamak!!.. lupe la plak nak jawab 1st tag.. adui...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~...I'm simply getting weird...~

fuhh.. the rumors about the date of spm results are getting worse..huhu...

but still you know.. I do absolutely think that the "bulls eye" date is on the 16th of March.. ( i receive this news from my old fren).. yeah.. he said that Dato' Seri Hishamuddin had said in in the NST (News Straits Time)...

Now i wonder why everyone doesn't know about this latest news...

they just buzz me at yahoo messenger and ask " wei alia, btol ke?..ko jangan memain".... haha..

adui... am i being deceived..??... or am I more "moving forward"...??...

like Jonas Brother's song... Kids of The Future...

and i try to call back my fren..

dialing 019*******

ME : ( hello..hello ape? x dgr la..) caller ringtone...freaking out!!

ALIFF : Hello asmkm...

ME : Hello, Aliff.. is it true about the spm result's date?? where did u find it??..

ALIFF : Oh.. Imran told me...

ME : And how did he knew about it??... Did he read it from the NST paper..??

ALIFF : He knew it from his fren..lol... haha...(laughing).... Dont belive it..

ME : But i thought it is the real date..

ALIFF : hmm.. I'm also not really sure.. but i think u just have to trust about two dates..

ME : What??... 12 and 16...?? oOo.. if that so.. i think 16 is more logic..

ALIFF : Yeah me too... coz 16 is on holiday...

then we ended our conversation with bye-bye...

and now... what do you think??.... the real date is still very confusing... i dont care when the results will come out.. i just pray that i'll get an excellent results...


Monday, March 2, 2009

~...The Most Gempak Song Ever...~

pas tgk citer Twilight.. scene plg best ialah The Baseball part... gempak weh...


So, aku makin giler ngan lagu Supermassive Blackhole by MUSE...

AND NOW.. I present you the video clip of Muse..(SUPERMASSIVE BLACKHOLE).. live at Wembley Stadium 2007...