Wednesday, March 28, 2012


today is not just a right day for me..
really not a right day..

1stly, my plan to date with mom after fetching her from work went failed. Abah had forgettably kept the viva's keys in his bedroom instead of hanging it at the living room. and his bedroom was locked.. ok fine.

2ndly, i had accidentally bumped my viva's back onto Mpv's bumper when i wanted to reverse the car to park. luckily mine was only scratch but that MPV was kemek. 

fortunately, the driver was not the owner, but the ECM's staff. so i guess that MPVs' must be sort of vvip since he parked that kemek car at vvip's site. i do really think that it wasn't my fault. though he's arguing that i aint giving any signal, so what? that empty space just beside the corner and i was trying to redo-undo the car.. u couldn't expect by just giving a bit space for me to reverse, i could fit my car easily? screw u.. 

i couldn't stop myself from shivering when he stopped me and asked about his client's car. Ma had talked to him  and i was gripping that steering wheel tightly.. =.=" so, since none of us couldn't possibly think on how to deal with the damage, that loser driver asked for our no. if let say the owner spotted the wreck. if not, then we are save.. 

lbh kurang mcm nie lah.. cc:google

well.. im not really good on this. my heart thumped quite badly. scared to the hell that Abah would scold me but then, nothing happened. quite relief when Abah himself argued that the driver maybe sort of proud of himself driving expensive-MPV-car.. hell yeah!.. 

p.s: but still there's no call.. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


well.. no doubt that this kid has impressed me a bit. though he is a a bullier, naughty, but believe it or not he is the most pampered boy in the family. so today, he went home proudly announcing that he won 3rd place, representing his school for chess competition. clap3x*

yup.. this boy.. 

as last year, being a standard five student, he merely ranked at 26th place over 140 students. such a good attempt as a beginner. so this year, he accepted his teachers' challenge that whoever ranked below 20, cikgu akan blnj pizza lah.. so there he is.. proving himself he had made it.. =)


so, congratz Abang.. 

good luck for district level at Cameron Highland this April..

Monday, March 26, 2012

notebook in hand

i thought it would only remain a dreamday wishlist whenever i mention about buying a new notebook to replace the former one. yeah.. i kept bugging bout how it burdened me to bring it to class especially on Mon n Wed where my bag is like a heavy-stoned weight! every subject in 2nd year has its own Statutes. so the weightage is doubled-up.. *sigh.

taraaaa... ^0^

-acer notebook limited edition-

so, notebook dh ada kat tgn. immediately decided to buy after being mesmerized with the coloured-background. hewhew..

.. bab2 habiskan duet nie mmg terer.. =.="

Saturday, March 24, 2012


me in yellow.. 

went to Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta this morning for BMP assignment. at 1st, i was so amazed with the lawyers presence... together with their trolley briefcase.. thought that the trial or proceeding that we might heard would be awesome like our mock trial.. but such a surprise.. it was so damn BORING!!..

and.. that embarrassing moment when i forgot to put my hp on silent mode.. and saadaah texted me during a criminal proceeding.. hewhew.. gelabah giler.. malu3x!!!.. =.="


i should have slept 3hrs earlier. but a sudden stomach ache made me cried in pain and i forced myself to vomit whatever i had taken before.. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1st Mooting Session done!

after 2 days burning the midnight oils till 5 am, finally the mooting at Ahmad Ibrahim Moot Court was done successfully. I was acting on behalf of the Appellant, together with Hanis Amirah as my co-counsel, submitting an IVF case. 

if u guys wanna know, mooting is actually a submission of an appeal case at court's appellate level. Meaning to say, the counsels submit kes rayuan kat mahkamah rayuan lah kan. No need the presence of the clients. Its just the counsels who appeared before the court. laen taw dgn mock trial. hewhew.. 

due to this subject - compulsory moot, aku dh pokai giler. photocopying cases, statutes and other authorities yg tebal giler nak mampus. and then kena buat 3 sets. hadoy.. finishing the Bundle of Authorities were quite a tedious work. tagging and paging.. wkt submission td pun dah tersilap lead the judge .. =.="

the half-done Appellant's Bundle of Authority

1st submission team - Appellant v Respondent

Appellant (white) v Respondent

and me.. =)

sekarang blh qadha' tido kejap.. huhu..


Saturday, March 3, 2012

imma sweet tooth

when i get tensed, or busy with assignments and tasks, the best companion is not my bf (sbb nnt x jd wt keje) but those lil marvelous sweet chocs and cakes..  

imma monster of chocolate cakes. giler2 suke choc cakes especially yg moist or over moist. both are superb. that's y imma bit choosy when it comes to buying cakes. Tester is a must! if not how do u want to know if the cakes taste awesome or not?? =.=" i love choc cakes but this is not compatible with choc ice-cream. not that fan. xsedap. =P

half-eaten only in one night.. ^^

This is home-made cake. manufactured by our people. local malays. usually org jual kat booth. seriously super sedap and super moist. recent price is RM 11. dulu 8 hengget jer taw. giler pricey. dah cake-freak nk wat cm mne.. beli jer lah..

its finger lickin' good.

now dh tggl 2 small slices jer.. =( its ok, next monday im gonne get another one. hehe.. not forgetting Osaka Cake, its a japanese cake, im selling it on monday. my "supplier" is very kiiiinnd to send it to me right from The Mines. hehe.. osaka cake nie mcm cream puff. it tasted vanilla. pun sngt sedap.. even boys yg seldom buying cakes pun suke taw.. hehe..

but.. but... the best choc cake ever of course lah from Secret Recipe.. not that indulgence one but its mere a choc lava cupcake. this is super awesome. sooooo yummy and sooo... ______..

cc: google

tapi.. 7 hengget cake kecik mcm nie ko mampu nk mkn hr2????... hahaha.. bought it during my birthday last Jan.. but it had already spilled in that box so it did not appear as nice as this.. =.=" pape pun, it still tastes awesome.. (mouth watering)

however, Ma doesn't like choc cake. she prefers vanilla and orange the most. so thats y imma sweet tooth. my teen-age was filled up with cakes with mom who loves to bake orange cake and celebrating birthday is a must for me. furthermore, Pahangites mmg in lovable with sweet things kannn..

Angah gave me this during choc fair kat uia..

sedap ke x i myslef dont know.. x try lg. coz im only indulging cadbury.. kalo local choc nie agak kureng sket lah.. not that fan.

ok.. kitkat mmg family choc.. mmg x sah kalo xde dlm fridge kat rumah.. kih3x..

k bye.
gotta crack the head for mooting full-written submission..
wish me luck.. ^0^