Wednesday, January 30, 2013

great news!!!


i got 2 great news here.

1) i received my final exams results with a happy face. though it's too far to reach Dean's List, at least i was able to score few killer subjects. i was speechless when i found out that i got A- for these 2 killer subjects which were islamic criminal law 2 (arabic) and law of succession. my carry marks for the former was seriously low and for the latter, the final paper was damn difficult. some of my friends even cried after finishing it. =.="

as for the other subjects like Constitutional law 2 and family law 2, well both as well were A-. as far as my ability and potential are concerned, A- is the best i can get. huhu.. not to be forgotten, my criminal law 2 grade is similar with previous semester... i wont tell here coz it's not that good tho im pleasantly thankful that i passed the subject. and for Usul Fiqh 2, still i aint score A. sungguh x puas hati. i really333333xxx worked hard for usul fiqh and confident that i can get at least A-.. 

well.. ustaz shafie pernah ckp dulu yg sblm dia marks, he'll divide the answer script according to grade first no matter how good ur answer script is. if ur paper is in the Bs list, well.. B is what u get. giler jahat kan.. =((

so far... im really thankful to Allah. Alhamdulillah hi rabbil 'alamin.. cgpa is maintained as ever. adalah naik 0.02 sket. jadilah.. haha.. im looking forward to meet all the lecturers and thank them for teaching me and giving me good marks. hehe..

2) my old best friend nak engage sabtu nie!!.... yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... kurang asam btol bgtaw lambat. cisss...

thats all. bye. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 and 22.

this entry is a re-post to the previous one.
i thought that blogging thru hp is a lot easier and maybe kinda simple, but no. i would rather blogging thru lappy. owh x best. not much font edit.. and ive got no idea how to captionise the pic. =.="

alright, yes im 22 now. glad? i dont know. lol. the only thing i care bout now is my study. there are only few days left to endorse to a new semester holding a 3rd year status. i really2 am hoping my results are gonna be better. mintak2 lah lulus semua. dpt A- pun alhamdulillah lah kan. huhu.. \(^0^)/. then LAP is waiting. I had put law firms as the first 2 choices and syariah high court as the 3rd. i dont mind uia putting me anywhere as long as i'll be settling LAP with flying colours.. cewaahh.. (*LAP = Legal Attachment Program); praktikal.

so what now? ok let me story mory sket. ive bit changed some stuffs in my life and here goes the list :-

1) Sayonara to ERAfm. cukup2 lah aku jd die-hard fan ERAfm selame nie. too much lame songs and very  outdated. lagu Untuk Dia tue dh bosan tahap kepalang dh aku dgr. asyik lagu yg sama jer. therefore, ive moved on to FLYfm now. at least i'll be improving my English even the Dj airing up the same songs. hehe..

2) masuk sem baru nie seriously aku kena jimat. i guess no more shopping during study. why? ok let me tell you this secret k.. Amir had suggested 25 Jan next year (my birth date lah kan kih3x) for our engagement day. hari sabtu tue.. waaahhh... in a sudden i felt chill and goosebumps kot. dh nak jd isteri org mehhh.. pastu br sedar yg this shopaholic psycho should be stopped. kena start berjimat-cermat dah nie. kena jd thrifty sket. Amir pun already 4th year.. so ok lah tue.. hr tue kuar ajak cari gelang.. coz ring is too mainstream, so we decided to go for wristlet or bracelet or whatever u called gelang is.. tp sogan plak, so x jd beli.. muahahaha.. puiii.. =P

3) next, to those who had been loyal following this blog should have known that yg aku nie dh brape kali tukar hp kan. hahaha.. so this 2013 akan diserikan lagi dgn Samsung Galaxy SIII. So bye2 Nokia N9. You will always be my favourite. coz with S3, i can instantly download anything and read up previous final exams paper thru the big screen. hehe..

welcome to the family

bye2x...  =P

4) the beginning of 2013 is much more merrier when Pahang is currently on the top position in Liga Super. so late now ive been spending some time to watch football with le fam and trying to recognize the players as well. and in my surprise, pak sedara i pun main dalam team taw. hahaha.. not to be forgotten, it has come to my knowledge that Pahang also has got its fan chanting club known as Elephant Army and Pahang Ultras. giler gempak dowh.. i had sipped on my order to Faisal for EA t-shirt. kot2 lah diorg bkk balik, boleh lah aku dpt sehelai dua. hehe.. 

lejen seyh gambar nie. main koyak2 kertas A4.. Hahaha..

ape lg ek??..

5) tadi br jer borak ngan Husna pasal tips to lose weight. as she kept whining over her chubbiness which is not, haha.. well.. i suggested her to take only 3 tablespoon of rice every meal. no more, no less. take it for 3 months and volaahhh.. mesti kurusnye lah.. provided with a lil workout and discipline lah kan. =D as for me, not to brag lah but my weight is 41kg and maintained ever n ever... lol --> not healthy. =.="

ok.. i'll stop here. xtaw nk type per dah. oh btw.. girls nowadays are so overwhelmed with peplum trending, which is not my taste at all. sumpah x lawa. x lawa!!... plizz lah stop the trending kayy.. i want a normal and a lil bet trendy tops/blouses.. not peplum. puiii... 

sekeping gambar dr si keding:

ok bye.

Friday, January 25, 2013


I do agree when One Directions sang live while we're young. Oh yeah.. like ive always remind myself to live to the fullest even ive to go thru some crazy stuffs n get deal with them in stress.

Happy birthday to me.
Im 22 already. Nice number isnt it?

I'll post some other stories later. Nie testing blogging from hp. X best langsung. K bye..

p.s: nnt i story mori lg type pakai lappy.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Liga Super

rekod Pahang yg 3 kali menang berturut2 sepanjang 3 games dah berkecai.
got defeated by Selangor FC last night with 3-2.
1st half was good.
but 2nd half Pahang main mcm #%#^..
Mid-field was very weak and Selangor took that advantage at 2nd half.
and Dollah Salleh aint change any substitute player for 2nd half till the last 10 min..
that sucks.
and he even used that sucks foreigner player for strikers..
that makes double sucks.
he substituted Gopi and Shahrizan Salleh (pak sedara kiteww) plak tue..

Selangor FC was better at 2nd half.
Mahalin Jasuli mmg awesome kottt...

to Dollah Salleh.. u better improve ur games for this Tuesday games against Terengganu.
 plizz.. don't disappoint us anymore..


im not a chelsea fan. excuse me..

p.s: muka Amirul Hadi ada iras2 Kim Hung Joong dow... keh3x..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Elephant Army Seru

After defeating PKNS for 2-0.. Tok Gajah now is heading to Shah Alam to beat Selangor FC this Saturday. I wish to all Pahang football players good luck n all the best to Dollah Salleh. 

ohh.. i really wish to go there n watch but i cant bear imagining myself shouting like crazy monkeys over there. HAHA.. well.. when it comes to Pahang, im all biased!!.. XD

since their official T is limited, well.. im glad that i'd managed to get myself This Is Darul Makmur t-shirt.
jelly much??.. hehe..


something new and random


Say hello to my new layout. Finally, this is the layout ive been searching for. not exactly searching since i just did some editing n customizing the provided 

So.. with this new layout, ill hope ill come out with a new style of writing. well.. im not that kinda writer whom remembered things i'd done in my life only after i click the publish button. =.=" nevertheless ill try to update the blog but maybe not really frequently.. hehe.. 

The latest pics of me i'd taken so far were at Johor, particularly at Johor Premium Outlet where my family and i went for a family vacation there. 

if only i was the daughter of the Bill Gates, surely i would go back home handfuls. really surprised me when i found out a collar T worth RM2K. how defuk is that? whos gonna buy for it?? 

alright. cut off with that. next.. 

during Usul Fiqh 2 class. 

the same classmates since 1st year and still counting to 5th year. im really hoping that there's no any of us who's gonna drop arabic subject after 4th year graduating. we r in this together.. so let's finish together aite.. 

so last but not least.. 

the new 3rd glasses. jelly???... hehe..

oh just now i remembered something. Salam takziah and a great condolence to wanda (classmate) for her father who passed away few days ago. it was such a shock news for me. but im still glad that it happened after finishing the final exams. if not, i myself couldn't bear the lost while at the same time facing the final papers. sobs3x.. Semoga roh arwah ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang2 yg beriman. alfatihah.

alright. before i miss out everything, which is the 2nd update to this entry.. (bengong).. i would like to show you ma feveret star for the new year... Ryu Sang Wook.. wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

time kuar jer scene dia dalam Welcome Rain to My Life.. terus melting.. definitely he's got the cutest smile ive ever seen. xoxo.

ok. bye.

p.s: well.. twilight saga has already ended. 
the couples had also broken up for the 2nd time. screw both of you. damn!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

break the hiatus.

Salam. =)

i know it is such a long hiatus. been ignoring the blog for a long while. and its already 2013 while the last post was a few months ago. reason? i'd attached my broadband to my galaxy mini. so tht i could easily surf twitter/fb. dont have to switch on the laptop anymore except for assignment or movie.

2012 was a great year for me. A year that i started to have a pet together with Amir Alauddin. We kept sugar gliders together and now, we both got 2 grand sugar gliders already.ha!ha!. i dont really have any significant even during 2012. maybe if i scrolled down the blog, i could have remembered them. i filled my 3 months semester break working as a part timer at nursery. and... thats it. =.="

i end up 2012 with final exams. well.. every year it's going to be like that. last paper was very tough. ahhh forget it. one thing that was very very awesome was that my family and i went for family vacation at johor during my study week. crazy isn't it? i could have blamed mama for planning it last minute but she claimed that i'd told her that i had a holiday for week but i didnt tell her that it was study week. haha.. 

2012 was a crazy year for fashionista. girls get crazy with peplum. its like a combination of blouse and skirt. im not really into it though i did have one. =.=" ermm what more??.. gotta stop here. bye.