Tuesday, October 25, 2011

random story

ah.. should have studying tort right now.. =.="
ok, short update..

what should i begin first? okay.. i'd received the contract law 1st test yesterday. and to my surprise, the marks were such an unbelievable since i had misled the section of the dominant relationship. instead of applying section 16 (2)(a), i had mistakenly chose 2(b).. u wont understand this if u aint learn it. =P.. thank u madam suzie.. i heart u.. hehe..

so.. Contract Law test - checked. QAHOL test also.. -checked! done for last week. hoping that ustaz laeba would be quite satisfied with my goreng2 answer script. ha!ha!

last week was a hectic week with a controversial issue about the suspension of Prof Aziz Bari. Alhamdulillah.. everything was already settled i guess. well.. i noticed him in the kuliyyah yesterday. a handsome prof as usual.. =) .

oh.. i had attended the Himpunan Sejuta Umat last Saturday at Stadium Shah Alam. well.. such a...a.. good assembly. quite interested with the involvement of PERKASA. huhu. oh.. but.. my heart was pretty ached when i went back since i noticed that i had lost something valuable there. =.="

those who were on the blue stage; the nasyidians..

too much provocation articles being distributed (deliberately enlarging the size)

 what happened today??.. class started at 8am i ended up went back at 7.30pm discussing Carlil v Carbolic Smoke Ball precedents. Legal Method task and assignments are like running water. it'll never end.. fortunately there will be no final exam for this subject.. ^^

oh. this evening.. i tried to help myself.. detaining from doing any shopping spree. but yeah.. girl would always be a girl. i couldnt help myself for not buying this when my eyes dropped on it without even blinking.. plus with aooooo mouth.. nie tipu. 

the yellow fonder.. always am..

 see the cream handbag in the plastic bag at the back on top of trolley bag?? yeah.. that's my lucky draw handbag from SOMETIME. still aint used it. so.. why buy a new one?? err.. coz i love yellow..  wanna proof??..

yellow handbag from SOMETIME. the favouritas!!

despite the fact that i've got lots of handbags at home.. still i'm buying them again. haiyaaa..

hmm.. its ok lah.. 
gonna use this new one on my Pangkor Sweet Escape this weekend! yipeeee..

p.s: gmbr2 adalah ihsan dr hp.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Justice for Aziz Bari.

article 10 of federal constitution obviously emphasizes on the right of speech in malaysia. but i dont see its relevant. if u dare to give comment or speech which does not in accordance with what had been stated by those who said "citizens come first n blablabla.." u'll be dead. that's why maybe some of our academicians or neutral people are afraid to point out their views just to save their own life.

i dont blog about facts or politics. maybe you would be thinking what am i gonna write about? well.. as a student of IIUM main campus gombak, and enjoy studying civil and islamic law, this entry approaches bout a very controversial issue regarding our beloved Prof Aziz Bari, an expert Malaysian Constitution who had been suspended due to his statement about the interference of Sultan Selangor in Jais issue.. (correct me if i am mistaken)

 i'd noticed bout this dispute last week after reading an entry in Zulkifli Nordin's blog and Malaysian Insider who had been hitting and accusing prof for being the slave of the opposition, especially DAP. i really did not have the courage to finish reading it since the one who involved is my own lecturer; who i have respected and honored most with his views on constitution;  though he aint teach me yet. i had never ever thought that this would become a very controversial issue which would be a disgrace not only to IIUM but to the AIKOL-ians indeed.

 the hearsay and rumors are all around. everyone are spitting out their disappointment towards this unfair judgment. while i am writing this, my friend texted me about a demonstration being held in front of the library, claiming justice for Prof Aziz Bari and sure there were police surrounded. sigh*

just now i'll show you the latest update from our iium rector; Prof Zaleha Kamaruddin who is also an aikolian. (Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws)

"I know this is a sensitive issue and I would like to assure you all that it will be handled with complete fairness, having the best interest of IIUM at heart. We are now in the process of fact-finding to determine the truth of the matter, in the spirit of the verse “O you who believe! Avoid much suspicions, indeed some suspicions are sins”. We should not be divided, but we should know that this is a test and hardship that we must face in unity"

 the only thing that i am sure is that all of us are praying right now is fair and justice. Insyallah, with Allah's permission, the truth will be find out.



Sunday, October 16, 2011

cerita 2 kerat.

this semester is a hectic one.
i feel exhausted for the 1st two days.
later on feeling extremely dry with assignments..
here's the prove..

I am packed!!

total up: i got 21.5 credit hours!..
can someone please tell me how to deal n manage with this??

i'm myself very confused. ha!ha!.. 


yesterday.. went out for jalan2-pulang-duet-modal-bisnes-sambil-cari-external-bluetooth-dan-usha2-ipod. thought that if i got extra money i would buy something for my mom's birthday gift.. but i ended up.. xpelah.. wat home-made cake jer lah nnt. ho!ho!.. save budget.. ^^

the gedabak nokia E7-00

 since this phone worth 2k at its first arrival, so i thought that i would like to trade in it with ipad or maybe ipod. haha. quite ridiculous. well.. in today value market, it's still worth 1k n above.. but when i asked its price to trade, they said they would only take it for 600?? WTF??.. sedih giler. and that sadness increases when i found out that nokia had a new hp; NOKIA N9.

GORGEOUS!!.. especially when it's in PINK, worth: 2K

 so how?? i dont know lah.. lawa giler kot yg kaler pink. amerod cantik giler!!.. twice-giler. huhu.. its price wont be reduced in just 4 or 5 month coz its a new version from nokia, n aint using symbian but nego! since nk beli pun x mampu, i just decided to re-brand my E7.. and it turned out like this.. =)

br perasan yg kaler dia spesen ngan mp4.. hehe..

boleh lah.. cute lah jgk. original screen protection pun dh tukar. hehe.. so no more virtual nail scratch on it. hehe.. oh2.. good news, we'll be having iphone 3 this tuesday. thanks awak, sbb belikan utk dr sndr dn utk saya. keh3x.. pueh hati. hp dh lawa.. mp4 pun lawa.. iphone pun ada w/p no3.. pueh.. pueh.. 

 muka pun ceria. senyum. 

dlm ht sape yg tahu,.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#wordless wednesday: READING..

 the clearance n cleansing of the differences between men n women. just hope that i would understand him better and learn how to appreciate things.. 

coz throughout this week.. i learnt my lesson.. 
very very well..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

posto! posto!

ermmm.. lots of ideas floating on the cerebrum.. 
but the fingers aint know how to manage'em..
so.. in conclusion...

sahaya malas nak hapdet blog. trimas

oh btw.. presenting to you.. 

mak saya ajak bdk sebelah nie pergi genting skali. how lucky is that??.. =)