Saturday, September 24, 2011

knock the opportunity while it lasts!

the title was inspired from Google quote.
found it at "The Untold Story" poster audition published by my friend..
but i twisted a lil bit..
coz... somehow u have some ideas to blog something...
.......but clueless bout the title.... that's me..

" .............!.............."

guess what??

all this time i thought that i'd never ever being the lucky one who'd win any lucky draw contest ya know. well.. suppose my luck just turn out into a new leaf.. hehe. *smirking. fyi, i had won a lucky draw contest organized by the beloved Sometime Boutique on their fb page. just clicked on the pic and they would randomly tagged the lucky one to win this bag worth RM128. (if im not mistaken. =.="). never in a million years i'd have dreamed to win this..

so, since the bag is not well-displayed, i present you the real view..

the real front view.

ok sum up: this is my 2nd bag from Sometime.. =)

lately, Sometime Boutique had organized a contest; POSE, VOTE & WIN. a very simple and typical contest in facebook where u just have to pose with Sometime handbag and get as so many clicks to win 1 year supply of handbags.. per month!!.. 

click to enlarge.

well.. this is the opportunity that im going to talk about. with just a little effort, u just have to snap photo with sometime handbag (if u have lah) and try to get clicks to win the prizes. who knows, if u are the one lucky enough to win, u'll be saving a lot in 1 year!!!... hehe.. 

and me?.. i did snap a few photos with my lola city bag.. quite a freaky one and just like 3-year-old-kid-snapping-picture. how terrified is that? ha!ha!.. so.. i'll present to you the picture im betting on.. 

happy kiddo with LOLA CITY BAG in YELLOW..

click LIKE for love.. 
..mari gelak beramai2 utk gmbr nie.. =.="

Sunday, September 18, 2011

1st week and a sunday suprise.

a week. 
its been a week in uia gombak.
the 1st week after 4 month holiday.
add n drop subject session had already closed.
luckily i dont get any prob with that.
no clash apparently.
mood: straight face.

my boyfie had already gone for a family vacation at tioman island for 3 days. guess i'd be stranded alone in my room. aini was already out nowhere. as for me, i went to my aunts at bolton, playing my unpaid role as a tutor, tutoring my niece for PMR and SPM. and now, im already at my room, thinking of what i should write for the climax of this entry. =.="

oh be4 that.. my classes went smoothly. the lecturers were kinda cool, humorous and a bit chill. my last sem result was quite okay after a lil struggle; burning the midnight lamp. AIKOL assembly on last friday was kinda boring. well, who told you to sit on the last row as well as having a non-stop chit chat with old friends.btw, the thing that exaggerated me the most was when the emcees calling DEAN LIST AIKOL STUDENTS to the stage to receive certificates from our beloved prof akram. (please be noted dat AIKOL DL is 3.6!) the highest cgpa is 3.8, achieved mostly from 5th year syariah students. wondering when i'll be reaching to that level. =.="

that's a good story. 2ndly, i was unable to reg my smartphone with uia wifi due to a complicated and "unique" software to symbian users. so, the bro said, NO for symbian. ceyt! but later.. wani asked me why am i not using my simcard broadband to my E7 instead of searching for any available WLANs? and me like: boleh ke???.. so, i hurriedly went to my room.. and................... doing what i should have already done before this... how noob..  =.="


just now when i logged on to my fb, i found that my beloved SOMETIME BOUTIQUE had chose me to win aurora city bag for their lucky draw contest. i was like.. yahoooooooooooooo!!!... oh my... i've had never gotten any luck in any lucky draw contest u know.. so, i emailed them my addresses and they replied to send it tomorrow!!.. monday!!.. 

now.. i present to you some of its picture review..

owh.. how big is that.. you sometime!!.. 

follow them in fb.. or go visit their website for more gorgeous bags at here..

p.s: am i begetting any souvenirs from tioman?? $$$$  <= xde kaitan..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

the end of week.

im still wondering of what am i going to type in here. but still the fingers are typing the wondering-ness. it has been a while for not updating the blog. especially when it comes to syawal. i dont have that eager n excitement to share my raya visit in the blog. just let it be a memory with thousand of pics.

well. for this whole week, i was so busy having lots of outing with friends.

  • mon & tues: went for beraya to my friends' house n my ex-school. 

  • wed: went for hantu bonceng screening which was a very rubbish n a piece of junk movie. should have known that filem melayu is best downloaded. sigh* bought ticket bus for fri/celcom broadband re-activation.. etc..etc..
  • thur & fri: went to the college. retrieving my SPM slip after 3 years n had a shopping n gaming day at times square with my Egypt n Morocco besties.  

believe it or not. i schooled here..

BERJAYA Times Square Theme Park

 due to excess of excitement and exaggeration of adrenaline wanting to play at the theme park, we ended up with bruises and sore throat. my arms are hurting badly right now.. ha!ha! =P

  •  sat: went for a day shop with mum. buying few stuffs for my new sem after 4 months holiday. already forgot what kind of pen did i use before this. rite now: im still unpacked! 

 my younger bro who went for jalan2 with his adopted family didnt yet coming home. thought dat i'll be seeing him before going back to campus. sigh*

adik with abang long. <3

 k lah.. i'll be updating soon, if i got the mood lah. cant wait to meet my friends and those new intake to uia. welcome guys!.. aikol will be hectic soon. kdahbye. *ma dh bising suro pack brg*