Thursday, October 3, 2013

promoter takaful

it was a blissful evening where i happily took my nap for a while after finishing class at 4.
and suddenly, the phone rang, displaying 03 no. the same no which had been calling me since morning.
i picked up the call and a guy answered, excitedly introducing himself from cimb takaful and greeted me with joy for having me as their lawful cimb customer. lol

so, he then patiently told me bout the takaful and the payment that my descendant/beneficiaries or even me may benefits if there something happened. i told him that i was gonna asked for my parents first b4 agreeing into the scheme coz i aint know how to decide. so he then sarcastically said that i was already 22 so i should have been able to make my own decision. and this is the problem encounter by students. hahahahaha..

he asked me whether im still working or not. single or married or a divorcee. so i told him im still a student at iium gombak. he then asked me where is uia gombak. at this point, i was kinda furious and gotten annoyed. i answered him kat gombak lah bro. pastu dia ckp: "yelah saya taw lah kat gombak. saya nie ddk dekat jer dengan gombak. kat setapak jer". so kita yg tgh geram ckp: "so dh ddk setapak xkan xtaw uia gombak kat mana. kat jalan gombak lah taw? 53000 kuala lumpur". hahahhaa...

to some extent i felt like to throw a nuclear bomb jer kat bro ni. so then i asked him whether he could clarify himself as a cimb promoter. pastu dgn lawaknya dia ckp: "ya Allah.. betul lah. kami x tipunya.".. dude, anyone could say that. hahaha.. i asked him more about the scheme whether i could terminate it any time that i want blablabla until he asked me: "xnk tny saya single ke?"... baahaha.. kejadah lah bro ni..

so lastly, i accepted the scheme and he agreed to send me the particulars to my home address. ingtkan dh hbs smpi situ jer. tiba2 last night, i received a text message wishing me "goodnight alia" from an unknwon no. so asked who the hell is this? hahah (ok xde hell pun).. he replied this is (his name)... so i threatened him replying that client's no is supposed to be confidential. ni siap blh wish goodnight2 lagi. entah2 tipu. hahaha..

dia reply lah kata "ooh sorry2. xde penipuan disini. saya minta maaf. saya akan delete no ni" hahahhaa..

ok dah malas nak citer. panjang lagi sebenarnya citer nie. ok bye.