Friday, April 27, 2012

compulsory moot -- OVER

ok.. so now its turns to have this new interface. =.=" not so bad, at least it doesn't have that upside down timeline like fb and watever lah.. 

.... ah.. lama betul x blogging. well.. after having that not-so-awesome break, my time was wrapped with bundle of assignments. i didn't have that ample last-minute time to re-search and re-check about my submission.. got only two days to prepare. not to mention about being pressured for mock trial script. aigooo~ last week was a very stressed week. as for me, the 2nd moot was quite dull.. i was not that confident with my submission.. nevertheless.. it was over now. the class too.. A- would be in hand i suppose. hehe.. Madam Nik will fly over to Paris to meet her husband who's studying there.. what a luck.. =.=" so.. bon jaw madame... 

merewang waktu final moot class

as for this sem.. xde pic sangat. lagipun malas nak upload from hp. i wish i got a camera. jealous giler kot tgk Muaz with his DSLR Canon.. nak satuuuuu!!!... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

eyeing to fondant cakes

well now, since im at home, im not lazily wasting my time here. still got assignments to be completed and some malls to shop. need to write and googling some ideas about mock trial script. yup, being a director is such a burdensome. im not that well-versed with this kind of directing. and me neither an imaginary kid. ideas are not things that can be plucked out of the sky.. and im weak for that.. 

k forgot about that. duties r duties alia. =.="

ok.. my cousin (paternal cousin), Ngah is going for an engagement this May. for that reason, they have been asking Abah to sponsor his cake. aiyaakk.. so, x kisah lah.. the most excited people of coz lah Ma and me. we had been scrolling and eyeing to some bloggers in Kuantan who make orders for cakes. and yup.. Ma was so in love with fondant cakes.. and me either.. 

let's take a look.. 

in our top-list

those who unknown to fondants, if u guys had been attending wedding/engagement events.. kalo perasan cake keras kat outside part.. tue namanye kek fondant lah. isi dia kat dlm lah. but then, the outer part tue mmg keras. fully sugar.. org x mkn lah isi luar tue. hiasan jer lbh. tp skarang mmg trend dh lah sbb using icing cake tue nnt cream dia terpeloot lah ape lah.. so dh x cntk.. =.="

these cakes yg ada cartoons or cute stuffs on top cm tue, bese kalo nak blh book kat secret recipe. and of coz lah it's pricey. the min is basically RM100++.. aigooo~ (br nk buat hantaran tunang kan..) 

so this eve, baby, Ma and I went for a shopping.. lingering kat kedai2 india jual kaen and i got stripes for myself. and oh my.. i had "accidentally" parked the car in front of wedding boutique. rolling eyes giler after seeing that awesome bridegrooms' suits plus with the pelamin.. mula lah berangan~~.. sbb tue jer yg mampu.. huahuahua.. but seriously, note to "U" who read this.. i want this one kay... =]


CUTE-AHHHHH..!!!... I want this!!!...


Monday, April 9, 2012

un-official break

u may say im having a blissful unofficial break after these midsem test.. yeah, while everyone is juggling themselves with another topics to be covered, im now at home having a not-s0-awesome-break for a week.. 


coz im having this so called chicken pox.. aigoooo... 

Friday, April 6, 2012

in juggling mood

honesty is the best policy.
but sometimes.. being too honest makes u look like an idiot..

..i should be extra careful right now..