Thursday, August 9, 2012


last Saturday, went to shop at kl. azza and i departed around 6.30am and arrived just 3 hr later. angah mira and amir pun join 2 kaki for this 12hr shopping. dr times square -> msjd jamek -> jalan tar -> danau kota. seriously mmg nk tercabut kaki..

not to be forgotten..

thanks to him yg sanggup drive all the way from bangi, fetch us from Gombak, brought all our shopping stuffs, treat iftar and willing to squeeze with humans at danau. muahahaha.. big thanks. so here was his gift which he had been torturing me to buy for him..

senyum sampai ke telinga.

nnt dh kawen kita beli yg 4k tue k.. haha..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

a gift from prev 7 years.

Happy beloved August!!..

pic: instagram.

le 1st time using the table to online instead of laying on the bed.ah.. xpepasal tumpah air jer nnt.. those books at the back are my precious treasures; The Twilight Saga Series, The Vampire Diaries and Night World. since instagram nie mmg kaki crop gmbr, i've only managed to save half of the que-ed novels when suddenly i was eh??..

..The Picture of Dorian Gray..

 ahha! baru perasan novel nie. a very nice bufday gift from Aliah Azmi  back then when i was in form 2. a very exquisite novel with bombastic words which the reading only lasted at page 6. ha!ha! sbb tue lah terperuk dekat shelf almost 7 years. i'd tried to read them during those days but still ended with frustation sbb ayat dia sngt lahhh.. _________.. =.=" soo sorryyy Aliah..

well.. pasni drpd aku kebosanan kat tadika tue, i'll try 2 finish indulging this novel. and of coz with a lil help from dictionary of course. =)