Saturday, August 27, 2011


my 1st design-my-own-style in looklet.

front view

back view

 ..named this as an orange-street.

whenever people asked me what is my style, i answered it: my mood. i'm not a trendy one. i dont follow the trending fashion. people wore shawl, im still in bawal with butterfly wearing. after 2 3 years following ahead, i started to try circling shawl on my head. but that's only if i wore baju kurung or jubah.. =.="

so, after made up a few blogwalking and being an active blogwalker, i had followed up certain personal blogs which headlining fashion the most or what am i wearing today/what do i like in fashion etc etc..

 i was like whoa.. visit this and you'll be whoa-ing just like me.. the blogger is a young-designer. no idea how young is her young but im so amazed on how she fashioned herself with those stunning and daring outfits. if i were given those dress, i wont dare to wear it. ha!ha! not that to outstanding to be an attention-seeker.

got another one fashion designer as well.. she's a friend of mine. but she doesn't sew, just spitting out her ideas on fashion through sketching. click here.

copy cat from iman.. hehe..

however guys, dont be a copycat. if you really dont have any ideas on how to wear but simply love the way ur friends dress, dont copy them but twisted a bit ur outfits with ur own mood and fav. it's indeed great if u can make ur own dresses. not that impossible rite??.. hehe.. 

and btw.. im in my jacket mood rite now. the looklet style? that was how i inspired from my latest outfits. but seriously, i dont wear hats. ha!ha!.. love the bag LAH!!.. cun woooo.. 

..a long shopping day..
..just love the institute jacket.. ^^..

..visit my looklet page and give ur love.. =)

Monday, August 22, 2011

a lost

my broadband has gone no where.
i had been searching for it like a crazy little alice in wonderland. pfftt..
having thought of someone had stolen it.

already went to Celcom center for a temporary termination.
hoping that i'll find you again..
been cried a lot for the lost. =(
i miss you bb~..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

i need a help.

i've got 2 drafted posts but somehow i think i would rather delete them instead of hitting the publish post button.. kinda rubbish i guess. merapu meraban jer lbh.. =.=" do want to talk bout gadgets but i ended up like @_@.. pointless..


 ok. let me tell you. i have a handphone. a symbian one which means im a nokia user. this is the 5th phone coz apparently im that a loser-clumsy. i kept losing them one by one. one day, abah gave me his newest and incredibly huge gedabak nokia coz mine had gone for a warranty service. and of course lah, i was soo that thankful not just because i'd gotten no hp at dat time, but abah was so clueless on how to use touch screen-ies.. so he gave me. =.=" 

NOKIA E7-00. x muat poket seluar.. =.="

 so.. after bout 4 months using this, i can say that.. not bad~.. obe also uses symbian and a big fan of it. he did make a review n im soo that attracted the way he explained it coz everyone now seems to be likely to own androids. yelah.. nokia lembap kan~~..

 ..people always get misunderstood this as a touchscreen camera.. ^^





 but.. a few days back, abah went home earlier with a big grin on his face. showing me a new handphone and guess what, it's an android!!.. samsung galaxy ace. probably he didnt know that the latest one is S2 since the one who paid it was his boss-a treat. aish.. 

i was like.. errr.. mcm best jer.. laju plak tue.. bnyk apps.. and kept exchange looking with mine. so once again, abah kept asking me on how to use it. and today he went home, spitting anger on that samsung coz he couldnt find its virtual keypad. ha!ha!. ssh kan pki android.. so, to make it easier, i've made a plan to exchange with mine coz nokia/symbian provides a bit simple software than androids.. most old folks kan pakai nokia.. androids nie bdk2 muda jer pakai.. hehe.. gamers~

you cant compete the screen size and the width. ^^

got to think hundreds time either to stay with mine or exchange it. it's difficult rite coz hp did have a sentimental value. ive been to saudi arabia with it, so y need a new one just becoz to the paramount of everyone choose it..

 so readers.. any idea? 
help me please..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#wordless wednesday; the perfect two

The Perfect Two by Auburn

.. listen to this 1st be4 u scroll down.. =)







pics credit here.

i am currently listening to this. was soo touched by the lyrics and in a sudden remembered how i teared up in smile after receiving this from him..





..will you..

answer: yes.. i will.. i do..

dear bucuk, we had been through a lot of things in this relationship. still, it's a long way to discover and understand each others rite? getting married as soon as possible is not yet to be achieved, but insyallah, we'll make it someday. my prays are always to be with you even during hard time, sickness and happy duppy lovey moment.

you are my man..

you are my endless love..

and of course, you are my missing puzzle of piece that completes me.. =)

p.s: ah jiwang lah plak.. =.="

3rd order!!..

.. being traumatized and having a raaaggee experience with instant posting, i had promised myself for not letting that annoying-lazy dispatcher leaving a well said notice stating that "sorry, we are not able to send the order to blablabla. please collect it at the office.." that's how i received my 2 orders from post laju. they just HON-ed! HON-ed in front of my house and me, having thought dat it was lorry jual sayur hon2x didnt make any step sneaking out through the main curtain. sigh. =.="

and soo.. after having emailed by bout my order confirmation, im alerting myself towards any hon!hon! that passing through my house. thus, this time. i'd made it!

skynet differed with post laju. sumpah!!

yup! though they didnt have that official van painted post laju besor2x but using a simple lorry, their dispatcher did make an effort to get out from the driver seat and greet at the gate. unfortunately, me who was not yet having a morning shower walked into him and just signed up the form without any single glance. hahaha.. tahan malu. ^^

guess what?? bukan beg GUESS taw.. hehe.. xkan leper cm nie..

a long clover leaf necklace.. =)

i did blog bout my wanting of having a long necklace for my hari raya accessory. click here for a sneak peek. hmm.. probably u guys already knew that buying IRL would be cheaper rite coz the only postage u would have to pay is walking. =.=" but since my shopping partner isnt here, so.. inilah yg saya buat..

a clear view of snapping on top of lappy cover.

so happy lah!!..

oh, just a reminder for you guys, remember to alert with hon2x if u made online shopping using pos laju service kay. dont be like me. kih3x..

..merely a week ++ left for hari raya. how's ur qiamullail my muslim brothers and sisters..??.. or maybe ibadah lah senang kan.. =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twit and Win!!

hey guys!!!

are you lucky enough for always winning any lucky draw??
or maybe having any lucky charm like Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck?
and most importantly, are you a twitter-freak??
who'd never ever missed tweeting in any single day??..

well, lets join sponsored by mynewshub and denaihati lucky draw contest by sending your  permalink tweet here! if you are a twitter lah kan.. =.="

 how to do that permalink thing? click on the time you twitted and copy paste the url at the contest box. any details just hit on the link given above kay.. =) remember to mention hashtag @mynewshub n @denaihati in your twit kay.. the more u twit, the more chances u'r gonna win!!..

JOM JOIN! first time promoting entry contest.. erkk.. @_@

p.s: eh.. twit or tweet?? haha..

Friday, August 12, 2011

i got my bag.. yeah2.. i got my bag.. =P

first and foremost: thank you Sometime boutique! and a big huge thank to my dear lovey-dovey darling for this special and awesome treat. i love you soo much lah.. hehe.... ^^..

recently, i'd posted several entries bout my eagerness of shopaholic sensation doing online shopping especially handbags. r u a fan of seasoned handbags? well Sometime would do that for you. i did make an order from them few days back => read here.. just a simple short entry.

and today! 8.30 am, my WANTED handbag reached me as i went to pick it up at pos laju. (suppose i'd get it yesterday, but i didnt realize the HON!HON! pos laju dispatcher since i was listening to my mp4...loudly.. =.=")

cant wait to open it!.. 

i heart you sometime!


lola city beg in yellow - as the most favouritas kaler in da world!..

 this lola city bag comes in two colours as u can see in sometime webbie. another one is turquoise. in order to choose which bag to buy, i did some survey with few chatters from fb. gigih x gigih kan.. and of course, yellow is the one!!.. =)

i melt looking at this beauty. hehe.. 

 just a simple medium-sized handbag with leather material. the compartment is not too big, just nice for me to fit in my hp, mp4, purse n a packet of tissue.. =) so wat r u waiting for, go n grab for urself new handbags for hari raya from sometime. im sure u'll take several time to choose which one to cash out. ha!ha!

the web only displays handbags whereas they also got clothes at their boutique. i think i have to make a real shop at theirs one day :D

that's all! 
happy fasting guys..

 p.s: r u a tweeter?? wanna win passes to watch final destination 5 screening? just tweet ur opinion bout the scariest way to die with hashtag #finaldestination n link it with #churp2. click here for more details.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

#spontaneous Thursday

another simple day begins with a little day-work-out. i woke up "earlier" than usual continuing yesterday bedroom clean-n-clear-night. my room "was" kinda messy (not now) n it began messy-er when i shared it with a lazy sister. =.=" her stuffs were like bomb of bags. toys, stationery, dolls n gifts were too much too be kept in a small-shared bedroom. it's not enough if i talk bout the dresses, pajamas n all sort of clothes. we both keep buying n buying without thinking that the sliding Japanese wardrobe had been stuck already. =.=" 

 n of course, im not that too struggle to clean up the whole wardrobe so i just tidying up the desk, mirror table, the beds, bag(s) n do a little floor-mopping n vacuuming. 

too much isn't it ?? that small rag is full with lips' stuffs.

 those are all mine. haha! none of them are my sis. and oh, the desk. its just a big study desk where i owned it since standard 3. mmg antik kan. haha. got lots of stuffs here until i dont have that will to touch'em. smpikan berhabuk mcm salji dah. ha!ha!..

on top of my desk. nice chocolaty frame from canada.

collection of vampire novels. stop buying after got tired of spending money on them. hahaha..

 during this 4 month holiday and almost a month left for a new sem, i still dont read the novels which i had promised myself to finish'em.. bad girl. 

my sis's stuffs dat ive talked be4. another 3/4 had been thrown to the store. (sticker yg penuh melekat wkt kck).. aish..

during my youngster period, i was too obsessed with stickers you know till i got for myself two big albums filled with variety of stickers; spiderman, pokemon, digimon, etc.. haha.. n bcoz of dat, i befriended with ketua pengawas till he gave me a big box of spiderman stickers as a gift. muahaha.. good memory still last isnt it.. 

im not sure the reason of collecting those fans.. =.="  

boxes of shoes.

 shoes rack in front of the porch is useless. so i just pu'em in my room. to be safe. ^^.. surely, not all have been done yet. there's a lot more to do to make sure my room is a human room. not a kitty basket. i need to clean up travel bags on top of the wardrobe which might be too dusty i guess. n of course, need as well to think another alternative way to wrap up my handbags. aishhh..

as so much works to do.. the most important thing is to tidy up the nap-n-sleep place;the bed. ive got myself two wonderful companies during my sleep n dats probably coz they are from my darling. hehe..

always having a heaven nap with them

spontaneous rite? coz tetiba jer aku mengemas. hahaha.. 
spontan lah tue.. =P

#wordless wednesday. (lwt stgh jm)

still on my way to finish this

.. getting used to not to break the fingers.. =.="

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

if ma knows this,. im dead.. =.="

recent posts have shown how crazy i am towards online shopping.
two orders had been made; shawl and handbag.
both yellow in colour.
(perhaps my raya will be yellow-ish.)

creamy yellowish bj kurung + yellow handbag n shawl = perfect DIGI model.

so to make another complete perfection, maybe an accessory will do it.
and of course.. the third order had been done already.'s a necklace..

elegant butterfly necklace.

actually, this one had been on my wishlist only since it's out of stock. 
so, i replace this.. with this one.. 

clover leaf necklace.

 so dat's it. if ma know this, im dead. u know y, coz im not be getting my gaji after this coz of the thought dat maybe i've got lots of money on my own. aiyaarrkk.. so pliz.. zip up ur mouth kay.. hehe..

sy mngaku yg syg seorang shopaholic tegar.


i've made it!

guess what??













yes. im buying. hope it'll reach my door soon.. =)

 p.s: got to prepare an exchange for this treat. hehe.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

spooky online-shopping.

when u read the title. the only thing dat i'd like to stress about is i'm a shopaholic.
the obnoxious one.
and somehow it does freak me out of the hell..
coz the only thing dat matters is the $$$$.. 
and me? the jobless little girl who've got no ka-ching had totally in depressed to buy stuffs..

at first, im not really into online shopping. those stuff are only pics. i cant imagine how it feel when it turns out to be like.. xlawa bila dh dpt. tgk gmbr bukan maen kebabooomm!!.. my sis had made a good introduction into this when she asked me to do online shop for her maxi dress. and of coz la when it reached home, i was the one who launched it first. hmm.. bolehlah.. virtually identical i could say..

just click at the link n u'll c numerous gorgeous shawls and hijabs being portrayed. the prices are affordable i would say but the postage is quite costly. i've made my 1st step here.

i brought this shawl on Tues and it had already sold out on Thursday.

it took me only 1 day after i deposited the payment. =)
taraaaa!!!...  it cost me an hour to wear it just like the model. pening mana satu nk kena pusing.. haha..

 im soo super duper happy taw!.. the objective of buying this is to wear it for hari raya for my creamy baju kurung. n of coz vogue la aku nnt. haha.. wekkk.. =.="

 unfortunately, on certain part, i thought dat this online-shopping-shawl would nail me to stick only to this one until i discovered another gorgeous web selling stunning handbags!!..arrghh!!.. 

 it dozed you with 6 types of seasoned handbags; shopper, messenger, city, etc.

im dying for this yellow!!.. DO WANT!!..

see.. im really good at wasting money. isnt it? coz i do have lots of medium-sized handbags at home. but of course, the only reason i'm wanting this coz i dont have a small-sized one. =.="

the elphee bag. still wrapped after 4 months bought it at Sogo during sale. xpakai lg. price tag pun x cbt lg.  =.="

and of course as an Avon Lover.. got this one too. also still in plastic..

the striking hijo with scarf. cute!! dats y i bought this. =.="

i've got "no money" in my purse rite now. had already banked in all my housewife gaji to avoid paying my own broadband bill. ha!ha! jahat kott.. pape pun, ive got to own that yellow lola city bag for whatever it takes.

and i think i have already targeted someone's credit card..