Saturday, June 25, 2011

never felt this worse before..

this morning, it was kinda beautiful.
i had a very wonderful moment.
wonderful breakfast. 
with a wonderful someone who i had very much longed n missed.
i knew that it wont get lasted for a long time..
coz i'd already mistaken my mom's reminder about not getting back late..
the 'meeting' went for 2hrs.
where i should have spent it before 2pm.
dat was what my mom's said.

and later.. the plan turned out upside down.
my dad had to go back late.
and dat made me wonder if i maybe could have a second ***e.

unfortunately, on 2pm.. i burst out into unanimously quiet tears..
when i received the cancellation news..
this is soooo not my day..

i just thought this 25/6 had screwed me up..
plus, i got angry with my bro when he finished up my cadbury fingers without my knowledge.
Red Riding Hood really save me out..
but still.. i was deeply hurt and ached
coz my plan was ruined.
and finally.. i stuck at home till late evening.. 

..too much longing is bad. isn't it..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


broadband telah dibawa lari oleh si jejaka manis..
disebabkan itu blog nie dah mcm mayat hidup..
dan... dan...

w/p kat rumah ade pc + streamyx..
but still blogging ngan lappy lg best.. 

dat's y.. rasa2 nye kena pakai wifi plak kat rumah..
ermm.. tgk lah cm mana nnt.. 
nk kena beli router la plak.. dooii.. =.="

..maybe i should describe my life like this be4 September..


littlethumbnote: mula menjinak2 kan dr utk bgn pg. yeah!