Monday, June 25, 2012

camp + uniten.gua + lomo

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just come back from Kem Jati Diri for SK Assunta Convent- standard six students. thanks to Raja sbb invite jd fasi for the 1st time in my life. hewhew. so far everything was good. the camp was held at El-Azhar Morib, Banting. lupa plak yg selangor nie ada jgk pantainya.. =P

well.. malas nk story-mory pasal camp tue. mcm bese lah, ada games, jd fasi, then there was a camp commander-functioned to make those kids crying and scared to death. muahahaha.. same old days~~..

filter gambar yg x berapa cun. =.=" --- my group. g.10
..nice view-nice rooms.. 

Finally, ive dropped ungs 3. no more short sem. dunno y last mnt decided to drop. mula2 beria nk amek kunun nk upgrade pointer. but then tgk moollaahhs dh xde. 3k dh kena tarik masuk tabung haji. tggl ciput jer dlm bank. so.. cari kerja lah ddk kuantan nie.. =P

oh lupa. lepas camp tue, buah hati ajak pergi u dia ada uniten.gua. super cool dowh.. organized by Tune Talk. mlm plak ada concert by Estranged and OAG. suppose pergi nk naek hot air balloon tp dah xde. =.=" tp jumpa plak booth fujifilm buat sale lomo camera. haishhhh.. wkt kering nie lah ada sale. rembat lah satu ape lg.. keh3x..

Instax mini 7s
alah.. yg print gmbr terus tue.. hehe.. 

org 1st yg rasmi instax.. heee~

so now im at home. i am soooo thankful to him yg sanggup drive me away to kuantan hntr blik rumah and then went back to Bangi. huhu.. i asked him nape sanggup ssh payah hantar. he answered me: coz i love you. ngehehe.. i love u too my dear..

*dont puke.

p.s: pics sophiecam mmg ohsom. xpyh pki instagram pun gmbr2 lg lawa.. 
booo android.

Monday, June 4, 2012

a tasteless krabby patty

spongebob loves krabby patty. since he was a kid, he always dreams to become the one who cooks krabby patty at mr.krab's restaurant. one day, mr.krab offered him to become the cooker. spongebob was really2 happy. he knew that one day his dream would become true. being a cooker, he could eat krabby patty everyday and every second. that's how he treat the krabby patty. since its a food, the only way to treat is only through eating!!.. =D

ONE fine day, when spongebob woke up from his sleep, he found something strange in himself. his love for krabby patty had turned out to be something irresistible. he cooked a one fine krabby patty, and kept it to himself. he never treated that krabby patty the way he suppose to treat it usually. he didn't eat it. he only knew how to express his love to that food but didn't know how to treat it as he had done it back then.

to the krabby patty itself, it felt very sad since it was not eaten and being kept till it was ugly and unsound. he sometimes often tried to persuade spongebob to eat it by airing a lil bit of its delicious aroma. nevertheless, it was useless. it felt very2 sad till it no longer safe to be eaten. when spongebob realized his mistake, it was already too late as the krabby patty had now become tasteless. though he tried to cook another one and ate it, still it tasted the same. tasteless.