Sunday, December 8, 2013

4 days break

aikol had an ibadah camp last thursday exclusively for lecturers.
so that means we got no class.
and friday i dont have any class as well.
total up with saturday and sunday, i had 4 days break.

so i can sum up these 4 days break into one word:

Thursday, December 5, 2013

flood 2013

so everyone knows what is happening now. pantai timur is currently suffering a heavy flood.
the whole Kuantan has already paralyzed.
our house at Inderapura was also affected, but luckily the water level was not that high and that only happened just for one night.
other houses were affected badly. i pitied them especially Cu Buan sekeluarga.
kesian giler sbb paras banjir sampai dada.
people had uploaded pictures on facebook, seeing how many properties were damaged badly. vehicles especially. cars were submerged.
this is the worst flood second by 2001.
and now, still banjir x surut lagi.

ni adalah operasi menyelamatkan Cu Buan sekeluarga. hahaha.. mom uploaded this on fb. awal2 pg td she called reporting about that "operation".. sumpah lawak

abah cik told me that kereta abang yo dh hbs tenggelam. i wondered the cost that he would bear for the lost of his farm. seriously, it would be very substantial one. sian giler kot. bantuan makanan was not that enough. there was even a video about MP Kinabatangan whom protested usul made by YB Fuziah to commemorate Kuantan as darurat. that sucks ya know.. 

as for now, keluarga sume dh ok. w/p ma bg taw almari sume dh kembang, that doesnt bother me at all. yg penting semua selamat. i pray that for those who are still in a "refugee" state, please be patient. banyak2 kan berdoa semoga bumi menelan air2 dn kuantan kembali pulih. amin. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

promoter takaful

it was a blissful evening where i happily took my nap for a while after finishing class at 4.
and suddenly, the phone rang, displaying 03 no. the same no which had been calling me since morning.
i picked up the call and a guy answered, excitedly introducing himself from cimb takaful and greeted me with joy for having me as their lawful cimb customer. lol

so, he then patiently told me bout the takaful and the payment that my descendant/beneficiaries or even me may benefits if there something happened. i told him that i was gonna asked for my parents first b4 agreeing into the scheme coz i aint know how to decide. so he then sarcastically said that i was already 22 so i should have been able to make my own decision. and this is the problem encounter by students. hahahahaha..

he asked me whether im still working or not. single or married or a divorcee. so i told him im still a student at iium gombak. he then asked me where is uia gombak. at this point, i was kinda furious and gotten annoyed. i answered him kat gombak lah bro. pastu dia ckp: "yelah saya taw lah kat gombak. saya nie ddk dekat jer dengan gombak. kat setapak jer". so kita yg tgh geram ckp: "so dh ddk setapak xkan xtaw uia gombak kat mana. kat jalan gombak lah taw? 53000 kuala lumpur". hahahhaa...

to some extent i felt like to throw a nuclear bomb jer kat bro ni. so then i asked him whether he could clarify himself as a cimb promoter. pastu dgn lawaknya dia ckp: "ya Allah.. betul lah. kami x tipunya.".. dude, anyone could say that. hahaha.. i asked him more about the scheme whether i could terminate it any time that i want blablabla until he asked me: "xnk tny saya single ke?"... baahaha.. kejadah lah bro ni..

so lastly, i accepted the scheme and he agreed to send me the particulars to my home address. ingtkan dh hbs smpi situ jer. tiba2 last night, i received a text message wishing me "goodnight alia" from an unknwon no. so asked who the hell is this? hahah (ok xde hell pun).. he replied this is (his name)... so i threatened him replying that client's no is supposed to be confidential. ni siap blh wish goodnight2 lagi. entah2 tipu. hahaha..

dia reply lah kata "ooh sorry2. xde penipuan disini. saya minta maaf. saya akan delete no ni" hahahhaa..

ok dah malas nak citer. panjang lagi sebenarnya citer nie. ok bye.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

happy eid mubarak


my family

cousin's family (mom side)

dah. malas dah nk update. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


ok here's the thing.
my laziness is going viral.
ideas to update and babble about any story are no more in existence.
but still i keep this blog just wanna scroll down any other updated blogs or blogshops. hihi.

lagipun, im definitely sure 100% that this blog aint have its reader. kahkahkah. just the owner lah kan. so better i'll make it private or just let it be in public with any ghost readers passing by.

ok lah.. latest story :-

  • ermmm.. ive finished 3rd year 1st semester. now im in Hafidz & Dzulkarnain law firm, during 3 months practical. my supervisor is not here- went to Temerloh to settle his case. so ive got nothing to do except lingering around. panaskan punggung on the seat watching movies. keh3x..
  • ma and abah had just went to Umrah last 3 weeks. 
  • my final exams just before i started my attachment was merely so n so and rumors said the results are on this Friday. oh damn!
  • staffs in this are ___________. *fill in the blank.
  • my supervisor is very a loud person. his mood fluctuate whenever he is outside or inside the office. lol
  • my love on Benedict Cumberbatch has grown up. *tetiba.
  • i plan nk tunang tahun depan (insyallah). so nk kena simpan duit beli dress. muahahahahaha.. 

ok bye.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Titian Asli Ibadah Mentoring Camp

Ibadah Mentoring Camp under Titian Asli club was my 1st visiting orang Asli prog with them. im already in my 3rd year br terhegeh2 nk prg kan. ahaha.. the thing is, those 2 years back they had always hold this kinda prog when i was gonna have tests.. so thts y x berkesempatan nk prg.. the prog was at Kg. Sg. Gapoi Bentong, Pahang and the tribes were Kaum Temuai. so mmg lg bersemangat lh nk prg. Actually.. xde lah area bentong sngt sbb kg dia dh masuk area pekan karak. so.. im not tht familiar with karak, so masuk kg pun mcm jakun sket. lol...

so... layan gmbr jer lah..

 Day 1st:

Sesi Taaruf. xtaw tgh tnjk gmbr apa kat Nailah wkt nie.. haha..

the boys and Kak Yong.

home visit. to invite the people to join us kt dewan and distribute the ration.

"selamat pagi...ada org x???".. lol

Nailah bersama para ibu. hahaha..

terlebih edit. =.="

lesung pipit telebih dalam. =.="

in the evening.. we had some activities with the people. yg bdk llk ajak main takraw.. ada yg main musical chairs.. sukaneka.. and for the kids, committee nie ajar lh lagu donut. hahaha.... at night, we had a dinner together with them. masak sndr kot.. hebat btol biro catering.. keh4x..

nie bdk2 x betol sket..

curi2 tngkp gmbr guna camera Akmal yg awesome..

Day 2:

tht morning.. still we went for a home visit nk invite for lunch and closing ceremony. we met this lil boy named Mawai.. ask him mana parents dia.. dia ckp parents dia tido lg. haha.. so kitorg ajak dia jalan2 skali pg tue..

nice view kan. tgh kabus lg wkt nie. btw.. i just wore slipper jer sbb kat situ bnyk anjing. pape hal sng nk lari klo kena kejar.. =,="

and.. sementara nk tgg pkl 8.30 utk breakfast.. our group singgah kejap kat sungai main air.. haha..

baju iM4U lagi tuuuu... hahaha.. best giler air dia..

jernih dan sejuk!!

Ustaz Anuar yg jaga kebajikan org Asli under JAKIM.

he is a chinese-muslim. married to a woman (orang asli).. dh tua2 pun still sanggup dtg utk dgr majlis ilmu. wkt ni adalah slot utk amali wudhu' dn solat.. salute*

orait.. the climax nye bila lps closing.. sume org pun beria nk gi waterfall which is the best part kt kg sungai gapoi nie.. apa lg.. berbondong2 lh sume org gi waterfall... snggp redah sungai dalam dia almost paras pinggang!!..

Ah Chong (islam yer..), Zul, Bob, Kak Ima and Wan (presiden TA)

nmpk x waterfall yg awesome tue.. haaa.. nie lah tmptnya.. tersorok sket kt dlm hutan. best giler weyh..

balik uia lah plak. esemen menanti.. kih3x..

and overall.. the best prog ive ever had since in uia.. weeeee~~..

*most of the awesome pic yg lawa tue from Akmal n few of them from my hp. yg obvious edit tue dah2 dr hp kan.. hahaha.. 

ok bye. hapdet pun. =)

Friday, March 8, 2013

am i ready?

i dont know how to begin this but lets just start typing as the battery is dying already.

there's one friend asking me whether i am still in the relationship with my nan pengyou. i answered her yes.. exactly it'll be yes. she then told me tht she found that some of her friends are still in doubt whether being in a relationship will guarantee them that their partners are the chosen one or the right one for them. she then asked me how am i sure that my nan pengyou is the right one?

obviously.. there's no answer to that. as for me, if you are in a relationship, you must set a goal of what do you want to achieve in it in future. whether it's just for the sake of time-wasting.. or maybe just for some enjoyment where everyone's got themselves one and probably u wanna get urself one too. i dont know if u r in that list. but for me.. to be in that way, it's just bullshit. why do you want to end up like that instead of you can make yourself aim for the betterment which is marriage?? =.=" and that's why budak sekolah pun semangat bercinta sakan. pelajaran entah ke mana sibuk nak berbaby2... buwekkkk...

and plizz.. dont be too prejudice towards guys. x semua lelaki sama. they are just to slow to reach to the maturity level to think about responsibility and future commitment. it's just like nowadays.. there are so much things to do. so much things to enjoy and so much things to explore. getting marriage is kinda good at early 22s for women but not for men.. coz marriage in reality restricts both parties. for women.. u may lose your friends to gossip/chat.. and for men they may lose their friends to linger around.. no more lepak2 at warung mamak to watch football together.. no more get-to-know new girls surround coz of responsibility in marriage.

and me.. there's no doubt that i wanna get married now. to legalize everything.. to secure the relationship. but lets just think about it a second.. am i willing to let go off my family.. my personal routine.. my laziness..etc etc.. am i that ready to wake up early coz im a sleepy-head.. preparing the breakfast for the hubby.. cooking.. laundry job.. doing the chores while at the same time devoting myself to study...?? am i that ready to live with a man and share everything with him?? am i??

well.. im not really sure bout tht. my maturity level is not yet very convincing.. im sort of perfectionist. i hate any defection. im not an extrovert and outspoken but when i speak.. its like an order where i want things to be done in my way. im all negative when it comes to anger. nevertheless.. i knew that, that man has surely changed me a lil bit. =).. and of course.. im very grateful to have him. we both have lots of thing to settle first before we decided to get married. but insyallah.. with Allah's permission.. he'll be my other half someday. and till that day, i'll try to survive in this relationship and improve everything.. coz marriage is one thing that i've set in my life the day i step in this. and to my nan pengyou.. its only prayer to make sure that u'll be my mr.right. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It doesn’t make sense to call ourselves ugly, because we don’t really see ourselves. 
We don’t watch ourselves sleeping in bed, curled up and silent with chests rising and falling with our own rhythm. 
We don’t see ourselves reading a book, eyes fluttering and glowing. 
You don’t see yourself looking at someone with love and care inside your heart. 
There’s no mirror in your way when you’re laughing and smiling and happiness is leaking out of you. You would know exactly how bright and beautiful you are if you saw yourself in the moments where you are truly yourself.” 
— dirty wings

Sunday, February 24, 2013

mug baru saya

lawa x mug baru kitteeww?? haha.. 

the 4th mug i bought sbb yg lain kena buang ngn cleaner sbb letak lama sngt kt laundry area x berbasuh. lullzz..

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

money flies away

the statutes.. suma berbalut weyh.. hehe.. 
..banking law jer ada 5. =.="

law textbooks.. 
the one with green stickers were borrowed from the library before i made decision to photocopy them. hehe.. got 4 dictionaries there.. hebat x? lullz... =D

currently reading. Company Law 1.
yg black hard cover bwh tue buku potestet lah.. cun kan. mcm kitab dh. pandai Uncle Lee kedai potostet tue buat. kah3x..

..and tomorrow already got tutorial class =.="

all that i can say.. education is very costly. rm250 voucher is not enough especially for law students. the gov should give the money according to the students' courses capacity coz that's appropriate. studying law is fun but yet the books were bomb expensive. i can assume that i'd spent almost rm500 for all the books in this new semester and im already pokai now.. waaaaaaaaaa~~


nk selit citer lain plak nie.. 

and btw.. this is my old friend's engagement last few weeks. congratz shuhaida. snyp2 jer bertunang nie. last minute bgtaw. ciss.. well, the wedding was decided to be on 22nd June/May i guess.. x ingt lah plak. cepat btol dh nk kawen. untunglahhhh..  haha... 

the simply-just-nice ring.

..sesi menggedik di bilik bakal pengantin. lol..
(nk menunjuk sbb peplum mustard tue br order.. tup2 mmg kena ngan gaya nk pakai gi tunang org.. haha)

and plizz jgn tny turn aku bila plak kayyyy.. nk kena cepuk lerr tu..