Saturday, June 27, 2009

~...Nak citer sket la...~

Stakat nie, dah nak msk 6 mgg aku x blk rmh.. waaa!!.. hampeh btol, kelas hr Jumaat hbs kul 5. Trip ke Kuantan dr Seremban kul 9 mlm je yg ada. Kalo nak pi jln2 pun, tmbng teksi mahal..

...aku mmg kesian..
kalo aku bwk kete, dah lame aku pi kuar melencong

handbag terbaru... yeah~..

Well, stkat nie, aku bersyukur arr sbb passion aku into law dah mngkt. Best gak study cases nie. Bukan sng sbnrnye nak blaja law. Dlm kls pun kena speaking, it's a bit challenging. Assisgnment aku pun dah siap.

sbhgian buku2 aku dlm loker.. haha..

* 1st assignmnt aku dpt 4.5 / 5 (marks).. tere x..?.. haha.. penat lelah aku wat..

hmm.. M.E.L.E.X?.. next Friday ada meeting.

girls nominees.. sblm bertanding. Well, tue bukan bj aku.. haha..

Smlm aku pergi la tgk M.O.O.T club punye high committee election. Sian, x ramai pun yg dtg. Yg lawaknya, mmg "menca-pub" giler arr nominees diorng.. haha.. ciri2 jd attorney mmg nmpk arr.. kahkahkah..

*M.O.O.T club nie law club gak, tp based on academic punye..

voters for M.O.O.T.. haha..

yg pompuan = lelaki.. sume same jer.. kalo aku la.. mampus aku trk diri.. haha..

nie post utk president.. bdk mane entah..

mid-sem break aku 20/7.. tp aku blh blk 18..
so, sesape yg rase die cuti skali, contact aku.. jom jln2.. aku drive k.. haha..

skrang nie, bnyk giler citer best kuar kat cinema, tp yg aku plg tgg skarang nie..:

Harry Porter & Half Blood Prince
The Twilight Saga : New Moon

mgg dpn ade Global Player activities.. best ke?.. tgg je la..


Thursday, June 25, 2009

~...This isn't what I had thought...~ the result

need not to be proud; it was a thumbs down performance.. haha..

well, it was just like having thousands of butterflies in my stomach. I was indeed nervous facing mostly 2nd year students [should be the voters]..with all those shouting for AZLAN.. [the only 2nd year student in the 20 nominees] haha..

I made it to the top 14 high committees in M.E.L.E.X society...

overall, i just wanna thanks to all my friends for voting me.. haha.. period.

p/s: pictures not included. segan~..

Monday, June 22, 2009

~...This isn't what I had thought...~ part2

took a nap for an hour kul 5 td.. hehe..
bgn jer dr tido, aku nmpk ade 5 msg.. on of them was aarrgghh!!!..

Congrates!! You have been short listed.
.....Please come to c1 11 tonight by 8.15 p.m....

the cloudness a.k.a blurr [sbb br bangun tido] of my mind terus jd segar bugar..

....FRESHHhhh... Oh My God..!!!

Dgn berat hati, aku pun pergi la.. Well, there were 20 students who had been short listed. 7 females and 13 males. Conducted by the 2nd year students, three of them then just exposed a little bit detail about MELEX..

one thing 4 sure..

"guys, you have been assigned to make an inpromptu speech during the law annual grand meeting this Friday"..

and guess what??.. it'll be PLEASE-VOTE-FOR-ME speech!!!

"that day will be your "MIKROFON DAY".. ske ht la korang nak ckp ape.. give some manifesto ke.. let the people vote you.."

"and please, your compulsory attire must be BLACK and WHITE.."

aku dah... what!!!.. "GOD PLEASE HELP ME"
x nak memalukan diri sndr.. tolong...

and now, I've got zero idea what I'm going to deliver on this Friday..


....any idea?.. help me...

~...This isn't what I had thought...~

I wonder why I'm writing this..
~ yeah.. dreaming to be a legal editor one day...haha..


This noon, I had received an unexpected message in my hp :

Hey guys!! Congratulation for being short listed for the new MELEX committee line up. Do come to Departments of Law for the interview session at 12.00 pm. If you guys in class, please ask permission from the lecturer for 10 minutes. We appreciate.. blablabla........

and I was.. what!!!???.. what the f-shit??..


I hate interview.. It just owh.. God, so rubbish.. There were about 30 law students who had been short-listed.. and of course, I was on of them.. *sigh*

there are 3 interviewers; 2 sis and 1 sengal bro :

1st sis : hmm, ok.. tell me why are you interesting in joining this club..?

me : *God, Help me!! *.. I don't know. I thought this club is compulsory to all law students.. and btw, there are not so much introductory about this club..

sengal bro : aik.. I thought there had been intro about MELEX during taaruf week..?. you didn't attend?..

me : errr, yeah there was, but the info wasn't that so much. It was just exposing about the

2nd sis : tell me about multi-lense club..*mak aii, dia pi bc profile aku*..

kepada pihak RESTU, ku susun splh jari sbb terpaksa tipu sket.. haha..

me: owh, this club had been organizing photo session which had a collaboration with school magazines. And we also organized Tv show..

sengal bro: *interrupt in sudden* did you create the movie/video or just pick up another movie outside..?

me : *Do I have to lie by including MMU's unit name*? We took outside movie..

sengal bro : so the purpose is collecting money, right?..

me : *mak aii bengang giler aku*.. smbl wat muka sengal, aku ckp.. SORT OF..

................ nak citer lagi?.. x payah arr, aku agak cuak kat dlm tue. Dah la kelas bhs Arab pg td mcm season winter kat Kanada.. sejuk giler........

overall, sume die tny aku tipu jer.. haha.. bunyi mcm bagus jer.. hehe..

*dgr citer pas nie ade election plak.. pastu kena promote dr sndr mcm wat pilihan raya*




Saturday, June 20, 2009

~...Apa boleh buat...~

It has been 3 weeks in Nilai. Overall summation = Not bad.. really!..[hey, I'm not putting those so called-freedom here].. haha..

On and on, the assignments are in the rising mood.

Currently, I had been assigned with ultimately 3 unexpected assignments :
  • Social Justice in Al-Quran
  • Female Infanticide during Jahiliyah v Infanticide in Modern World
  • Civil Case 1999 Report
Oh my God, I'm not sure whether I have those impervious strength to search the information regarding those freaky assignments..[since the internet is so rubbish!!].. me, please!!!

And now, I've just finished reading my The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle.. two more are waiting to be finished; The Chosen and Night World no.2..

...[don't say anything coz I'm quite tired reading those cases + confronting my lappy]..

this week, I didn't get the chance to drive my VIVA, a.k.a going back I miss it so much. I should be at my bedroom now.. wandering around the house..*sigh*

Earlier, my mom asked me to go back home since "DURIAN dah GUGUR"!!!.. later, I told her that my class would be finished at 5 p.m and so, I had to leave at 9 pm from Seremban. Then I got a really disappointing and discouraging message:

"Ma rase, Ayong x payah la blk. Ala, bukannya banyak sangat pun durian gugur. Lain kali je la blk. X pun, nnt Ma ngan Abah dtg Nilai.."


And for this weekend, I'll try to distract myself for not eating any "nasi".

I'm worried about getting much weight here.. haha.. nonsense!!..These assignments just make me feel dizzy and keep forbidden me to take breakfast, even lunch and especially dinner..!!

I think I have to stop spitting here..bye~

p/s: Practice makes perfect. Hoping for better writing in English.. pray for me..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

~... A Best Day at MidValley...~

Kita berjumpa kerana takdir,
Kita berkawan kerana kasih sayang,
Kita bersama kerana hati,
Kita kekal kerana kuatnya ukhuwah,
Kita bergaduh kerana harga satu ikatan,
Tapi yg plg penting... Semuanya kerana Allah..
Bukan mudah utk kita berkawan,
Bukan mudah utk kita kekalkan,
Bukan mudah tk kita teruskan,
Bukan mudah sehingga sekarang,
Tapi semuanya kerana Allah,
Tanpa Dia, x mngkn sekarang terjadi satu lakaran hati,
Satu rahsia rasa bg insan yg daif,
Yg mempunyai sejuta maksud pd jiwa yg memahami..


Well, Azza Adwa is going to leave me alone in this CFS IIUM Nilai Campus!!!

Buat bestfriend ku, semoga berjaya di tempat baru. Ko mmg jahat sbb tgglkan aku kat Nilai nie sorang2..huhu..

So, smlm aku pergi la Midvalley utk celebrate si Azza nie. Ingtkan nak wat reunion SMART,tp hampeh.. Tggl aku, Azza, Raja Hazwan ngan Amir je.. pape pun, mmg best arr!!!

1st, kitorg pi lunc kat Pizza Hut.. Thanx to Raja sbb handle menu orders.. Ko mmg terer arrr..

pasal makan ko mmg NO.1..

to Zul, jgn marah yerk.. haha..

Well, mujur aku bwk baucer 10 rggt tue.. jimat sket w/p aku ngan azza x kuar duit kat pizza nie.. haha.. then 4 da special one.. miss Azza:..

ice-cream for Azza!!!...

tp akhirnye...yg tukang hbskan org lain plak.. haha..

THEN.. kitorg pun jln2 la kat sekitar Mid.. We had a chat.. lame dah x borak ngan kwn2 lame.. Sume ade citer msg2..

~..Friendship Rings.. me and Azza..~

Pas Solat Zuhur, trsrmpk plak ngan Nafis, Zaem ngan Mat Yan.. br hbs tgk movie Drag Me to The Hell.. x hbs2 ngan citer Seram/Suspen..urrgh..

Then, pergi shopping sket.. blnj Amir ngan Raja, t-shirt and Necktie.. fuwaahh..

well, bukannya mahal pun.. tetapi.. sbgi balasan..

i got this huge teddy bear from Amir!!.. thanx dude.. love it very much!!..
* kantoi bedsheet pun gmbr teddy.. haha..*

present BB..a.k.a bantal bucuk and name keychain for Azza..~

pas beli hadiah2 sume nie.. kitorng pun isikan perut ngan BIG APPLE.. Baek punye pasal, aku ngan Azza belanja la si Amir ngan Raja nie..

..suap jgn x suap.. haha..


overall, thanx arr korang sbb memeriahkan gathering nie w/p 4 org jer..

to Azza:

thanx for everything.. gud luck at JB and your new study in Nursing..

p/s: mak ajak blk rmh mgg nie sbb Durian dah gugur.. yeah~..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

~...In a nutshell...~

This week is only the beginning for the next real tension and stressful life..

I had started my Law class last Tuesday.. It was Introduction to Law.. lectured by Madame Mizan Muhammad. Well, it was kinda ok...[haha.. speaking la plak..]..

Madame kept asking us about what was definition of law.. What did all of you really understand about law in your life.. in your understanding.. Explain to me.. blablabla..

hmm.. pening2.. Lotz of answers were given.. Some said about justice, legal system, dicipline.. etc.. and me??..

"My opinion is that law is a system that is assigned by the goverment to the community for peace and harmony"

so what?.. if you had once against the law by speeding your car, were you creating wars at that time..?? did you have created any chaos..??.. blablabla...

...dushh!!!.. amek ko alia..

Law is something that regulate human's life.. human's establish standardization..

Why we need standardization?..

Why we need to wear school uniforms during school hour?..

We do get education if we wear any simple attire..


~.. malas aku nak pikir. Dah la wkt petang.. aku diam jer dan buat2 muke tak tahu smbil tersenyum malu.. wahaha.. aku catit jer pape yg penting. Malas nak mencapub.. kah3..

Definition of law by John Austin: Law is a commend set by a sovereign or superior being to an inferior being enforced by sanctions..

~hebat x aku sbb boleh muntah blk..??..haha..

dah2 ttp citer pasal law.. skarang nie aku dlm proses nak siapkan 1st assignment aku.. for Basic Themes of al-Quran subjet..~


terpinga-pinga aku dengar topic nie.. Pergh~.. nak cr dalil lagi.. Tempoh yg diberi hny 2 mgg.. Dah la tenet agak sengal and skarang aku terpaksa pkr 2 kali sma ada nak pergi ke x ke Midvalley sabtu nie..

wei2.. bukan nak jln2 tau.. aku nak pergi cr Dictionary of Law yg berhrg #$%&* tue.. haha...

~smbl pergi cr baju kurung designed 101 dalmation..haha..~

...Hari Selasa = Professional Day for Law Student..



Friday, June 5, 2009

~...Curi Masa kejap..hehe...~

~gmbr tiada kena mengena..

NILAI vs PJ br..

warning: post ditulis pd pukul 9.30 am, smntr menunggu kelas kul 11 am nnt..

best?.. entah lah, xde la nak hectic sngt skarang. Semalam [Isnin] adalah hr yg plg SENGAL dlm hidup. Everything was set up yesterday. Schedule dah kuar. All of them were pasted kat board of departments.

*and so, sume students berebut la nak tgk jadual. Baik boyz/gurlz.. maen rempuh jer.. aarrghh!!..


muke bengang~.. [nie gmbr wkr briefing mahallah.. bosan]

1) For LQM 2120 [means arabic level 2].. sume list name dah berterabur, bersepah and seriously, I had to take about 6 times to search my name and my schedule.

2) For FIM 1123 [means Religions In Malaysia] for those yg
amek syariah/ quran&sunnah name list yg kuar amatlah ciput.. and i found that mine was listed at FIM 1113..


3) For LEM 5012 [means English level 5 ], well, kinda ok.. mujur la tgk awal, kalo x, i would have missed my class.. =(..

Smlm, kelas English jer yg br start (actually, kls yg lecturer masuk ).. haha.. Lecturer agak sporting.. bhs rojak.. and we had been told about life as a Uni students blablabla.. Buku pown dah 100 lbh.. adui..


then, kul 2 ade medical check up - berat aku dah naek sekilo.. 44 KG.. aarghh!!.. plg aku x ske.. guess what??.. Urine test arrr pe lg.. haha.. x nak citer pnjg pasal bende nie.. geli.. haha..

overall, sume jadual aku dah organize kan. Tggl schedule utk FIM 1123 sbb x kuar lg.. ye la, kena la tkr amek syariah, what the hell aku nak blaja yg basic punye.. haha.. For this 1st sem, bnyk bende nak kena prepare.. mentally and physically..


Final exam.. assignmnts.. individual presentation.. blablabla..

wish me luck kay..~ ameenn..

* kelas kul 9 kena postponed..hehe.. tgh tgg yg kul 11 punye.. hehe..


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

~...Satu Permulaan...~

Al-hamdulillah.. Akhirnye, dpt gak aku blogging blk, slps hmpr semgg aku me"nyawang"kan blog tercinta nie. So, nie la masanye utk aku meluahkan kisah aku sebagai 1st year student at cfs iium nie..

24 - 28 [may 09]..
Bermulanya hr pendftrn kat PJ. Banyak bende nak kena settle. Well, aku dpt Mahallah Khadijah, bilik kat tngkt 8.. giler arr.. w/p lift ade, tp selalu jer stuck. Dah la student ramai giler, aku ape lagi, dgn redha nye aku pown pnjt la tgg smpi ke tngkt 8.. huhu.. cis~

nie la Mahallah Khadijah..~

Throught out the Taaruf Week, kesimpulannya agak ok lah. Xde la tight sngt time die. Agak free bg aku w/p aktiviti die sumenye pasal brieffing programme/course, dicipline and welfare unit, English/Arabic Placement Test (EPT/APT).. blablabla..etc..

Both tests were @#$%&//.. haha.. SUMPAH!!!... SPM lagi senang!!!..

kalo nak pendekkan kan course which max 1 year, English of course la kena exemptd.. Arabic??.. haha.. sewel kpl otk aku jawab..

nie mlm Cultural Night yg agak keNUSANTERAAN~... haha..

gmbr kabur sbb agak boring..~ kih3..

29 [may 09]..

Time to pack things.. WELCOME to NILAI for all ARTS STUDENTS..!!!!.. well, Nilai agak best berbanding PJ.. [jgn jeles yer PJ'ians..].. though skali pndg sbjk mcm rumah kedai, tp sbnrnye agak open.. Setiap hr blh keluar, plg lewat kul 10 mlm.. haha.. GEMPAK X??.. w/p dormitory system, tp dlm dorm ade blk air sndr.. kat satu aras ade dry area, blk tv, blk study.. etc.. blablabla..

yg plg best, kat katil aku la "terlekatnye" 3 power plug.. kahkahkah.. nak on9 pun sng, nak charge hp pon senang..kihkihkih..

esoknye, aku ngan azza memulakan operasi jelajah NILAI.. nmpk gak arr USIM.. dkt jer pown.. then, aku dpt jemputan utk jelajah ke Times Square..haha.. per lagi, amek teksi, naek ktm Nilai, amek monorel and brhnt kat stesen IMBI.. Nak dkt RM 100.00 aku hbs kat times. Mane x nye, skali masuk BORDERS, hbs 30 kat situ.. hehe.. Kenny Rodgers plak sblm msk wayang. .

* salute to "pengerusi" sbb dpt lcnkan pinggan*..
* kpd *si kenit*, jgn la mkn makaroni cheese ngan tgn lagi..*

1st of June 09..

tq to Nafis sbb tlg cek kan tuk aku kat PJ.. haha..

Result EPT/APT kuar.. cemas and agak berdebar.. [haha.. padahal cool jer..]..overall result aku:

english: level 5 + arabic: level 2 = 1 & 1/2 year..

english level 5 jer..?? hmm, maybe part objective tue aku kureng sket kot .. haha..[bajet mcm aku tere jer essay], tue la kesimpulannya, aku dpt law course utk year and a half kat Nilai. Lame ke?.. lapliplapliplap.. dah hbs.. haha..

so, all da best tu all UNI'ians..

We are the tochbearers for the Ummah..
Guided by Quran and Sunnah..

Foundation Centre of IIUM..

The Gate of Garden Knowledge and Virtue..

*moh ar melawat aku kat Nilai, gerenti korang blh shopping kain utk bj raya nnt.. haha..