Sunday, February 24, 2013

mug baru saya

lawa x mug baru kitteeww?? haha.. 

the 4th mug i bought sbb yg lain kena buang ngn cleaner sbb letak lama sngt kt laundry area x berbasuh. lullzz..

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

money flies away

the statutes.. suma berbalut weyh.. hehe.. 
..banking law jer ada 5. =.="

law textbooks.. 
the one with green stickers were borrowed from the library before i made decision to photocopy them. hehe.. got 4 dictionaries there.. hebat x? lullz... =D

currently reading. Company Law 1.
yg black hard cover bwh tue buku potestet lah.. cun kan. mcm kitab dh. pandai Uncle Lee kedai potostet tue buat. kah3x..

..and tomorrow already got tutorial class =.="

all that i can say.. education is very costly. rm250 voucher is not enough especially for law students. the gov should give the money according to the students' courses capacity coz that's appropriate. studying law is fun but yet the books were bomb expensive. i can assume that i'd spent almost rm500 for all the books in this new semester and im already pokai now.. waaaaaaaaaa~~


nk selit citer lain plak nie.. 

and btw.. this is my old friend's engagement last few weeks. congratz shuhaida. snyp2 jer bertunang nie. last minute bgtaw. ciss.. well, the wedding was decided to be on 22nd June/May i guess.. x ingt lah plak. cepat btol dh nk kawen. untunglahhhh..  haha... 

the simply-just-nice ring.

..sesi menggedik di bilik bakal pengantin. lol..
(nk menunjuk sbb peplum mustard tue br order.. tup2 mmg kena ngan gaya nk pakai gi tunang org.. haha)

and plizz jgn tny turn aku bila plak kayyyy.. nk kena cepuk lerr tu.. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Melaka here we come!

there are not much to tell here but i'll just be uploading pictures for the trip kay. the trip was all planned by Amir actually. we have been planning the trip since last year cuma only this year we got to accomplish it. haha.. i had invited along angah mira and angah dina, but dina refused to go ada bnyk keje katanya.. =.="

last trip i went to Melaka is few years back. i cant really remember how Melaka looks like. haha..  we departured around 8am and surprisingly, ramai giler org dtg. the indians firstly got to que up at the zoo and the chinese (i think they are from China) were already lingering around at bandar hilir. 

welcome to MELAKA!

we headed to Bandar Hilir first.

The trishaw was not enough to fit us three. so tngkp gmbr jer lah.. haha...

Menara Taming Sari view at the A Famosa hill. didnt have chance to ride on as people were preponderant queuing up for it.


i was quite amazed with these basking people who sang quite a unique language. xpaham langsung diorg nyanyi lg ape. haha..

Surprisingly UMNO has its own archive n museum. lullzz

museum kapal. ramai giler bangla + indon dtg kat sini. 

owh.. we did go to dataran pahlawan. tmpt shopping rupenye.. seriously ssh giler nk cr tmpt nk lunch-break.  so prg mkn kat Johnny jer lah. nasik baik lah sedap. haha..


later on, we decided to go to Pantai Klebang after being suggested by Padin to enjoy coconut milk shake. but then.. since bandar Melaka nie is sooo kecik, we got stuck in traffic for almost 2 hrs n had to say bye2 to klebang lah kan.. then... decided to go to zoo which sadly dah tutup coz it was already 6pm. huhu.. dh tu pergilah taman buaya kat sebelahnya... 

(sleeping) crocodile watching

tgk budak2 mandi. x sngk siap ada waterpark lg kat taman buaya nie. lol..

there are more pic to this. and taman buaya was our last trip.. x bnyk pun tmpt pun g coz of that damn traffic failure. we did plan to stay melaka for one night tp xpelah kan. balik study jer lah. haha...

well.. ada masa lg blh prg tmpt lain plak. Penang myb.. x pernah lepas lg nie. haha.. big thanks to Amir who drove forth n go smpi mengantuk. haha.. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013


..4 years and still counting... 

xtawlah kenapa mamat nie dpt mandat besar sbb gmbr dia diletak dlm blog nie. lulzz..

Friday, February 8, 2013

definition of successful man-woman

it's nice to have this definition as the official one coz i couldn't care less bout it. lulz

"money is not everything, but without money, you cannot buy anything" - ALIA

p/s: rm250 voucher is not enough to buy law books. plizz upgrade it then next pru or myb next year. XD

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


i'll be super buzy for a while.
x sempat nk update pasal old friend's engagement day and a giveaway from a famous fashion blogger.. which was very surprising as i aint remember joining any contest. =.="

uia wifi pun mcm laju jerkkk...
ok lah... time to selak2 buku... toodles. ^^