Thursday, September 6, 2012


1st parcel.

2nd parcel. 

im not done here. another parcel is yet to come next week. this is me "goyang kaki" at home while doing some online shopping ordering tops n tops.. yes! i love tops n blouses. kih3x.. since i've followed picknbloom in IG, lots of boutiques online had been following me back. that sucks you know. knowing tht i would scroll down to the bottom feasting my eyes with their items, my shopping lust is sooo strong n quite exaggerating.. puasa pun x mampu kawal. lol.. 

since i got no frens here to lepak2 (sobs2x).. ive been lingering at home after raya, searching any online boutiques which offer the best that i can afford aka cheap. ahakz. this year, duit raya is too ciput. luckily i got some moolah from my part-time job n some from abah (lepas pujuk sket2 lol).. fuuhh.. -.-" menabung? hmmm.. i dont even have chance to it.. abah told me to use my own money n sometimes, he kept asking me when would i get my first salary, so tht i wud treat him 4 dinner at restaurant.. -.-" 

Oh this?

yesterday, Adib asked me to join others (Taqi, Rahimi n Sab) to play badminton. i was laughing ma self out sbb ape? aku raket pun entah campak mana, sport shoes pun x bwk balik. well, drpd x buat pape petang smlm, i just tarted myself and went to pick adib n sab. the "training" went well. the boys were awesome. aku stakat player softball hny mampu smash tgg jer.. pas balik mula lah bdn sakit2.. aigooo~ dasar calcium x pernah cukup.

my endind never goes well. so kbye.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Merdeka in terms of peace, yes everyone is at the same point agreed when it comes to how u describe ur merdeka. i find most of the twtup #merdeka55 twitted the same thing. merdeka is living in a peaceful n loving country.. blablabla.. truly we r living in peace but technically it's not when everyday, crimes are almost at the newspapers' head.. 

Merdeka nowadays especially this 2012 is very unique. As for me, it's unique and bizarre coz it's totally biased and bullshit. Merdeka this year ultimately promotes partism and politics. With #JanjiDitepati slogan and one-sided official song, it really sucks. I was quite annoyed with the "kini tiba masa balas budi" lyrics.. As for the logos, it disappoints everyone as it's obviously like created by paint. *thumbsdown. well, the opposition had done very well in terms of slogan and the logos. ha!ha!ha!..  

When i woke up this morning, i realized ma and abah were at the living room watching television, and i asked them why were you not working? ma said: its merdeka lah. me: oh cuti. its like im really not into it compare to back then. previously, people were kinda enthusiastic and excited celebrating merdeka. Flags are everywhere. vehicles were decorated with flags n those 4 colours. people wearing merdeka attires and of course flags hanging on the trees and houses. it was so fun back then. ads in the tv were also awesome and some of them were manly tears i assured u.

but now, everything's changed. People get separated with their difference views. With Bersih coming up, up-sided Medias and corrupted authorities, im not sure whether we are truly merdeka or not. People keep claiming their rights. everything must be accorded to their satisfaction. If not, there'll be illegal assemblies, riots, strikes and so on. With technologies n news r as easy to catch, people nowadays get deceived easily with unscrupulous stories. Defamation n slander r everywhere. Innocent people was punished and the criminal get freed. Politics get dirty, even more the politicians. They build up cronies and take law into their own hands. Commoners like us are treated like underdogs. Money n power rule, Laws are abducted.. *sigh.

Malaysia is Merdeka, but Malaysian is still terrorized. we have 3rd class mentalities, the lazy and spoon-feed Malays. Racism. Suppression. Secularism.. etc.. this is what u called Merdeka? i doubt that. who to be blamed? i dont know. we have been raised like this, scared of changes n risks. 

cc: Tukang Kata. Merdeka bukan melepaskan burung dari sangkar, fikirnya. Yang lebih penting ialah bagaimana mengajar burung mengenali padi dan permata. Merdeka bukan sekadar meruntuhkan gunung-ganang, membina belantara batu dan pencakar langit; tetapi bagaimana memproduktifkan rakyat supaya mampu memiliki pencakar langit dan belantara batu itu.
.Farouk karya Sabda S. halaman 142.

..we are not there yet... 

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke-55

Thursday, August 9, 2012


last Saturday, went to shop at kl. azza and i departed around 6.30am and arrived just 3 hr later. angah mira and amir pun join 2 kaki for this 12hr shopping. dr times square -> msjd jamek -> jalan tar -> danau kota. seriously mmg nk tercabut kaki..

not to be forgotten..

thanks to him yg sanggup drive all the way from bangi, fetch us from Gombak, brought all our shopping stuffs, treat iftar and willing to squeeze with humans at danau. muahahaha.. big thanks. so here was his gift which he had been torturing me to buy for him..

senyum sampai ke telinga.

nnt dh kawen kita beli yg 4k tue k.. haha..

Thursday, August 2, 2012

a gift from prev 7 years.

Happy beloved August!!..

pic: instagram.

le 1st time using the table to online instead of laying on the bed.ah.. xpepasal tumpah air jer nnt.. those books at the back are my precious treasures; The Twilight Saga Series, The Vampire Diaries and Night World. since instagram nie mmg kaki crop gmbr, i've only managed to save half of the que-ed novels when suddenly i was eh??..

..The Picture of Dorian Gray..

 ahha! baru perasan novel nie. a very nice bufday gift from Aliah Azmi  back then when i was in form 2. a very exquisite novel with bombastic words which the reading only lasted at page 6. ha!ha! sbb tue lah terperuk dekat shelf almost 7 years. i'd tried to read them during those days but still ended with frustation sbb ayat dia sngt lahhh.. _________.. =.=" soo sorryyy Aliah..

well.. pasni drpd aku kebosanan kat tadika tue, i'll try 2 finish indulging this novel. and of coz with a lil help from dictionary of course. =)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

kurus #problem

i dont upload this to brag how "lucky" am i to have an "ok" body, which means thin. honestly, im quite worried with myself. my weight has never reached beyond 41kg anymore. the only slightest kg I did gain was  500g. i eat a lot. drink? maybe not that lot.. but still i prefer pure water than any sweet/cold beverages. thin gene? naaahh.. i dont think so..

..2 years before..

le me with sista.. still in the same body structure

..7 years before..

..gem0k! with Azza 7 years back then during our PMR retrieving result days. gempal.. =.="

i dont know if it's just a rumor or a false hearsay which stating that pregnant is not easy when u r 45kg n below. logically, yes 45kg is more or less an ideal weight kan. to get pregnant, one must supply her body with everything to serve the baby. the thing is.. dahku yg makan x sudah2 but still remain 40kg as if the body never receive anything and the food mcm pass thru it like touch n go. =.="

dah lah partner sorang tue 2x5 jer berat badan. aigooo~ haha.. one G-Health researcher ever told me tht the only problem if one got sick is merely from intestine, liver, heart n imbalance hormone of coz for the women. pape pun kena jaga jantung dl. once it's ok, then it'll balance the others including the enzyme n the blood vessels. those who read this, i'll assure u to go and check ur blood vessels. kalo saluran sempit pastu darah mcm slow jer, u better do something..

tapi kann... all my outfits are in my current size. 
kalo aku gain weight nnt, x muat cm mne plak?? 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Salam Ramadhan.

1) er.. how to start? this blog has been in a long pause. i had just succumbed myself with twitter n facebook, which is usually the former presides. i did teach Amir on how to use twitter. well, he's one of a kind who dislike Social Hub..haha..nnn since he had betrayed Symbian n Apple after getting himself with HTC, i asked him to download several apps which i used to play in Mom's Samsung. android enuff?? ha!ha!..

2) my job is a real boredom. cikgu tadika? yeah.. suits me as a fierce mortal. =.=" no adults to have a chit chat. it just me and azza.. trying to mingle with the kids' world. it's quite difficult to teach them from the very beginning. they have a very short-term memory even when u repeat the alphabets n numbers almost 20 times!! well, surely only some of them are kinda slowpoke. the rests are a bit ok.. jadi cikgu tadika lbh challenging dr jd prof u know... *0* nevertheless, i'll surely miss them after this.. =) feveret candid..

1st day Ramadhan.. trtdo dlm kelas.. =)

that awesome day when we manage to get all of them to sleep..

3) already cleaned up the room. threw away all the lousy things which mostly Angah punye. honestly, she was not a very helpful sis when it comes to room. when i came back from uia, i found my table was flooding with her novels n stuff. sigh* 

instax pics pun x beralbum lg.. 
my 2 lovable perfumes pun almost drained out.. =(

4) Abah got another android kununnya untuk Abang coz he's the only one who got not handphone. even baby umo 8 thn pun got himself sony ericson from Amir. haha.. well, the hp was purportedly bought 4 Abang to encourage him study 4 upsr lah. but still that lazy-bones was never gonna change. take everything 4 granted n never regretted for once. aiyoooo.. so now, i hold tht hp 4 a while or maybe keep it 4 myself.. #eh..

ok. xde citer dah. cik Abang msg nak kol toodles. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

kill the pause

since it's not really a long pause, 
hereby i upload the main pic for Kem Jati Diri SK Assunta Convent

the teachers, facilitators and committees credited to those who uploaded them. i guess though it was Husna's camera, it was other faci who uploaded them. mine was not there much. =( most of the pics uploaded were taken by me..

new news!!..

ive been working as part-time cikgu tadika with my bestie azza. so far it's good though i did feel quite annoying with the kids at the first day. ha!ha! all things they done mesti nak panggil cikgu. "Cikgu! tengok saya buat".. "Cikgu!semalam kan, saya pergi....".. "Cikgu! nak berak"... "Cikgu! nk kencing".. dah berak/kencing, still pggl cikgu.. "Cikgu! Dah"..

suprised me they were so loud!!..

..cute- but don't be fooled..

these are only some of them. last Fri there were 4 more new students. I'll be handling 5 year old kids and Azza will be handling the 4th. we were only told about the appropriate modules to be taught last Sat, so last weeks we both hentam jer nak ajar ape, ikut schedule lama. muahahaha..

nevertheless, i did learn a lot being cikgu tadika. jadi surirumah pun one of the things lah kan. i'd learnt how to handle kids and treat them the way they should be treated. garang kenalah bertempat. and sometime kena berlembut kalo merajuk.. (dah nama pun anak org).. haha.. and oh, duty of care pun mmg kena jaga. nnt xpasal2 kalo kes injury due to stumbling over the toys arose, mampus taw x..

ok.. enough with those kids.. now, tgk nie..


the awesomeness!!

ini.... ini..... ini.... memang irresistible.. do want for my instax!!!..

thanks lah arep sbb tag aku kat lomo hello kitty tue, kalo x mmg aku xtaw ada jual shoot-instax bag.. wuhuuuuuuuuu...

Monday, June 25, 2012

camp + uniten.gua + lomo

#nowplaying - We R Young-FUN

just come back from Kem Jati Diri for SK Assunta Convent- standard six students. thanks to Raja sbb invite jd fasi for the 1st time in my life. hewhew. so far everything was good. the camp was held at El-Azhar Morib, Banting. lupa plak yg selangor nie ada jgk pantainya.. =P

well.. malas nk story-mory pasal camp tue. mcm bese lah, ada games, jd fasi, then there was a camp commander-functioned to make those kids crying and scared to death. muahahaha.. same old days~~..

filter gambar yg x berapa cun. =.=" --- my group. g.10
..nice view-nice rooms.. 

Finally, ive dropped ungs 3. no more short sem. dunno y last mnt decided to drop. mula2 beria nk amek kunun nk upgrade pointer. but then tgk moollaahhs dh xde. 3k dh kena tarik masuk tabung haji. tggl ciput jer dlm bank. so.. cari kerja lah ddk kuantan nie.. =P

oh lupa. lepas camp tue, buah hati ajak pergi u dia ada uniten.gua. super cool dowh.. organized by Tune Talk. mlm plak ada concert by Estranged and OAG. suppose pergi nk naek hot air balloon tp dah xde. =.=" tp jumpa plak booth fujifilm buat sale lomo camera. haishhhh.. wkt kering nie lah ada sale. rembat lah satu ape lg.. keh3x..

Instax mini 7s
alah.. yg print gmbr terus tue.. hehe.. 

org 1st yg rasmi instax.. heee~

so now im at home. i am soooo thankful to him yg sanggup drive me away to kuantan hntr blik rumah and then went back to Bangi. huhu.. i asked him nape sanggup ssh payah hantar. he answered me: coz i love you. ngehehe.. i love u too my dear..

*dont puke.

p.s: pics sophiecam mmg ohsom. xpyh pki instagram pun gmbr2 lg lawa.. 
booo android.

Monday, June 4, 2012

a tasteless krabby patty

spongebob loves krabby patty. since he was a kid, he always dreams to become the one who cooks krabby patty at mr.krab's restaurant. one day, mr.krab offered him to become the cooker. spongebob was really2 happy. he knew that one day his dream would become true. being a cooker, he could eat krabby patty everyday and every second. that's how he treat the krabby patty. since its a food, the only way to treat is only through eating!!.. =D

ONE fine day, when spongebob woke up from his sleep, he found something strange in himself. his love for krabby patty had turned out to be something irresistible. he cooked a one fine krabby patty, and kept it to himself. he never treated that krabby patty the way he suppose to treat it usually. he didn't eat it. he only knew how to express his love to that food but didn't know how to treat it as he had done it back then.

to the krabby patty itself, it felt very sad since it was not eaten and being kept till it was ugly and unsound. he sometimes often tried to persuade spongebob to eat it by airing a lil bit of its delicious aroma. nevertheless, it was useless. it felt very2 sad till it no longer safe to be eaten. when spongebob realized his mistake, it was already too late as the krabby patty had now become tasteless. though he tried to cook another one and ate it, still it tasted the same. tasteless.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A moment to reminisce

yesterday was 9 rejab. the actual birth date of mine in accordance with the Islamic calendar. well, not many of us really appreciate their birth date in Hijriah right? as for me, im now 22. tua setahun lah plak kan.. the maturity is a question to be answered. we may look matured outside, but a lil part inside of us is still holding the fact to be a kid.. 

for today, im done with Criminal Law 1 paper. the questions were okay. im glad that i can answer them thoroughly. both of my tests were bad.. really2 bad. i did cry for it badly at one night. assuming the carry marks were low and didn't achieve my own standard. for once, i knew who i was and i knew that i didn't really deserve  getting bad marks in any tests. this sem really taught me a lot to be extra careful and planned the study very very well.. *0*

and oh.. those pic for Ngah's bethrotal day have been uploaded. almost the pics were candid. maklumlah.. excited sangat pakai dslr.. everything was merely a haha.. 

c... i told ya...

sungguh x senonoh daku pakai selipar jer.. =.="

seriously muka menempel..

xpandai zooming.. =.=" ma n abah.. love mom's outfit.. =)

mmg bnyk betul muka aku menempel kat gambar. haha.. pueh hati weyh.. since this was my 1st time attending majlis bertunang, i was quite excited back then to see how pakndak represented our family.. quite funny when he mis-pronounced his own's brother's name.. nama bakal bapak mertua belah llk ler tue.. kih3x..

ok.. these two naughty kids kat mana2 pun sempat lg nk maen wrestling.. aish..

last but not least.. another 4 subject to go before i end up this sem happily.. oh.. really wish 4 anyone who can help me with a new blog layout.. i want to broaden up the space.. =.="

Sunday, May 27, 2012

big glasses-less not pretty but im content.. =)

today was my cousin's engagement day. i asked mom why Ngah (le cousin) aint wear baju melayu supaya nmpk sedondon giteww.. skarang org bertunang pun sedondon taw..

 ma said: for what? org tunang2 nie org llk mana ada. ddk luar jer..

me: alah.. tu dulu. nnt ayong punye turn nk wat sedondon lah.. amir pakai baju melayu.. haha..

ma & angah (apparently agreed): nnt kita halau dia suro dia balik kan ma.. hahaha..


me: ma.. nk kawen nie sbnrnye bukannya perlu duit bnyk pun. dlm islam pun amek mahar ngn mas kawen jer. x pyh nk hantaran bagai.. tue adat jer lbh...

ma: aah.. nnt awak kawen ma buat sayur rebung..hahaha..

abah: aah.. lauk ikan masin sudoh.. hahaha..

me: =.="

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mock Trial BMP

12th May 2012 
Moot Court Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws

this is few weeks punye story lah.. but since there was nothing to update, so im gonna blog about this one. those who practicing law may know about mock trial.. well.. its kinda preliminary step to trial in court i can say in brief. this time, this is a mock trial for bm perundangan subject. which is obviously according to the subject, it must be in Malay language. this time lah nk guna balik bahasa melayu bahasa ibunda lah kannn.. well.. being "forcefully chosen" as script writer, rasa macam nk meletop buat skrip bhs melayu nie.. aigoooo~~.. too much law words in English.. sampaikan bhs melayu pun dah hancur... =.="

as for me, i had suggested to do the mooting case, which is an ivf case for the mock trial. since Cikgu Noraini wanted a civil case, we was like alaaahhh bila nk buat. basically, students mocking about criminal case, which is  a lil bit easy.. kes bunuh lah apparently. civil case?? naahhh.. borrrinngggg... *thumbs down.

the facts are a lil bit lengthy... 

fakta kes: rayyan dan izura telah berkahwin selama 10 tahun, tapi masih tidak mempunyai anak disebabkan kecacatan di bahagian uterus yg telah dialami oleh izura. walaubagaimanapun, atas nasihat yang diberikan oleh afiqah, rakan baik mereka, afiqah telah mencadangkan mereka untuk melakukan kaedah ivf. mereka telah bersetuju dan menandatangani kontrak ivf tersebut. Antara syarat yang telah dipersetujui adalah sekiranya mereka bersetuju untuk berpisah, embrio yang disimpan perlu dilupuskan. Setelah 2 kali percubaan, izura tetap gagal untuk melahirkan anak. Ini membawa kepada keretakan rumahtangga mereka dan rayan pula telah menjalinkan hubungan dengan setiausahanya dan berniat untuk mengahwininya. Izura yang tahu tentang hal tersebut telah meminta rayan untuk menceraikannya. Kemudia, dia secara senyap telah melakukan implantasi secara sembunyi, tanpa pengetahuan rayan dan telah berjaya. Mereka kemudiannya disahkan bercerai 2 bulan kemudian. Setahun selepas itu, rayan terserempak dengan izura bersama 2 orang kanak-kanak. Rayan merasa pelik dan segera menelefon pusat rawatan ivf tersebut. Selepas mengetahui akan hal sebenar, rayan kemudinannya menyaman Izura atas perlanggaran kontrak. 

..the casts..

THE LEGAL PRACTITIONERS (except the one with ketayap) as a bailiff..


yang tgh pakai baju merah tue cikgu.

and now the hero and heroins.. =D

Alin (2nd wife) Syimi as Rayan and Hanis as Izura

suppose i wanna upload a video here. but somethings went wrong dah tue x kasi.. xpelah.. at least u guys taw lah kan how is the moot court look like.. isnt it.. hehe.. for now.. pray for my final exam yawww... anhyeoooo..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

1st of all.. this new interface sucks. dont like it. too heavy. pffttt..

...before that..

PIC of the day!!.. Lugiaa is already 8 months!!.. XD

now.. im in jeopardy. carry marks will be out soon. all second tests have been done. for a past few weeks i was so busy with 2nd moot, assignments and tests. i got no time for blogging. no time to babbling. no time to upload pics.. 

last week began with a 2nd criminal law test. nevertheless.. i did make up some time to go watching the most wanted movie screening- The Avenger with angah and Amir. Seriously, the movie was soooo damn awesome. though im not that comic-fags, the only reason i watch it coz of the love of me to Robert Downie- the genius, playboy, billionare iron man and my Sherlock Hommie.. *0* tua2 pun still maintain handsome and cool. gotta love with his acting style.. cool giler mehh..

As for this week.. began with the past weekend.. the time has been consummated with studying and studying. two tough papers were awaiting.. together with Leadership class assignments and mock trial for bm perundangan. 2nd Constitutional Law test was quite good. been indulged with the provisions like hell. why on earth Federal Constitution is prohibited during test/exam.. like all the lawyers and judges memorize that.. aish.. 

le me studying Constituional Law

stack of notes.. books.. and cases

the only gap left for family law test was only 1 day. 3 topics need to be covered.. and these three include most of the cases cited with Chinese name. haiyaaa.. do u know how terrible and difficult to memorize those Chinese name??.. dah lah nama lebih kurang.. Tan Wat Yan v Kang Chiew Meng.. Tan Yuen Fong v ... x ingt... Yong Fui Phin v xingt jugak... Tan Siew Choo v Tan Kah Hoi.. fuuuu lahhh.. and what had surprised me a lot that the questions mostly were True&False.. neither subjective nor short answer.. =.="

tough subject requires tough style of studying.. bende aku merepek nie..

the test was held yesterday evening. and for the night.. we had a final practice for the mock trial. and today is the final dateline for the leadership assignment which i had thought it would be next week.. and guess what.. i had never ever done it.. terpaksa bakar lampu malam until 5 am untuk siapkan assignment. well.. the tendency to finish a complete and pre-perfect task must come with a last-minute panic. kannnn???.. hahaha.. so.. ok lah last minute assignment.. nasib baik ada org sudi tolong.. hehe..

after the leadership class at 8 this morning.. hurriedly rush to moot court level 3 to prepare for mock trial. unfortunately.. there was a mooting there.. done by the other group who did not ever book the court. and they actually had stolen other's section booking at 9. stupid people betul. suka menyusahkan orang... then we have to postpone our mock trial this night.. at 8... ggrrrr...

Me as the bailiff.. and others who play role as witnesses and lawyers..

..ok lah senonoh sket..