Friday, December 30, 2011


exam qahol dah lepas dgn jayanya..
tp dgn ape yg aku jawab...

tetiba rasa x yakin plak jawapan tue..
mcm mana nak score nie.. 

.. aduhhhh... 

Sunday, December 25, 2011


ignore that im a specky.

having so much fun yesterday playing with Boolat till i ant realize how the times fleeted away.. =(

and owh.. she pooed on me yesterday. how nice eh u lil suggie.. XD

Thursday, December 22, 2011

5 years ago..

..PMR 2006.. 
with old besty Azza Adwa Azmi at SMK Abdul Rahman Talib (SMART)

If u succeed to enlarge and view the results.. well congratz.. haha.. we both got flying colours lah jgk. pmr xde lah ssh mana pun.. hakhakhak.. 

muka pun muda lagi.. tembam2.. 


menguruskan diri dgn berjayanya.. muahaha.. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

the change up.

sblm nie rasa nk kawen awal.
plan nye bukan maen lg..
sume nk simple..
wedding reception skali jer dh ckp.
mmg jimat tahap ape lah..

hantaran pun kalo blh simple.
teddy bear pun dh ckp. (cmpr skrang baby2 sugar glider)..
sbb ape jimat??.. duit lbh gi honeymoon beb..

but now...
everything's changed.

blaja masak lah dulu alia. blaja menjahit. stakt mengait jer x ckp.
lgpun.. abah dh warning.. plg awal pun 2 thn..

pastu... bg matang dl.. nie umo dh masuk 2* pun tgk kartun lg.
nak2 upin ipin.. =.="
blm campur power rangers..hagemaru... etc..
kuat majuk.. rasional pun kurang.. derrr...

ingt bdk sulong nie matang ke??
anak sulong lah plg mnj.. nk ape sume dpt..
sng dpt parents' approval.. haish..

entah ape aku ngarut mlm nie..
tetiba dpt berita Boolat underweight..
hubby kurang bg mkn lah nie.. haha.. xpe2.. br 2 hr jaga..
pasnie bg mkn bnyk2 ek... =D


Sunday, December 18, 2011

scaredy cat

im afraid of ghost.
im afraid of the ocean.
im afraid of the insects.

im mostly afraid of final exams.


our new baby.. ^0^

our new lovely cutie baby..

..a female sugar glider.. ^^

name: Boolat
age: 2 months..


boolat had being a very wanted-pet for amir for a long time. since it's pretty hard to search for pet shops selling sugar glider, well.. i thought today was quite a lucky day for us.. we thought of buying a pair of them but since only 1 cage left, so we just decided to buy a female one..

those pet-seller told us that it was quite easy to keep sugar glider. it eats sweet fruits like apples and doesn't have to take bath. since we were riding scooter, so, it's quite difficult to bring along the cage. so as we wanted to put boolat into a tupperware.. haha.. there suddenly two women who brought along their 5 months sugar gliders on their own shoulder!!.. who "scolded" us for putting boolat into a tupperware.. hahaha..

seriously.. mmg sngt hectic!.. both of them were expertise in sugar glider. they gave us some tips on how to take care of those cutie lil things.. and of course, it turned out that it was not as easy as what those pet-seller told us be4.. haiyaaa.. they also told us how to create bond with the sugar gliders so that we wont just be their masters, but their partners, parents and bff.. they wont run away.. ooh.. how cool is that???..

its like rufus and ron ya know..

well.. actually i dont have boolat with me since it's illegal to bring boolat in uia. so she's with her papa rite now.. haha.. one day.. i'll have a male one here.. ^^..


love u boolat.. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

quick+short update.

 thanks abah sbb bayarkan bill broadband. lol. (kurang asam btol)

short update: 

1. finally, all second tests had been done. carry marks will be out soon. or myb next week for contract law 2.. i suppose. there r still assignments to be completed despite one week left be4 final. adoyai.. (pantang betul dpt last-minute-task nie)..

2. oh btw.. tomorrow (sabtu) have to do some scooter-survey for angah. thank you very2 much to my favourite escort sbb snggp all the way from bangi dtg amek nk temankan. well, kena siap2 cash out RM500 for deposit. kena mintak upah nie. ngeh.ngeh.

3. im dying to eat puding. menyampah betul sbb trtggl puding roti wkt nk balik gombak last monday. *sobsob. sorry ma.. teringin giler nk makan be4 reaching final nie. 

5. lastly... i'm gaining some weight here. already burnt down lots of money just to buy foods instead of saving for year-end sale. (kejadah nk shopping tgh2 final nk dekat nie.. =.=")

this is me.. almost every night.. lolhard.

k dah. bye.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

friends forever.. =)

azza n me.. (both r bestfriends).. zul n amir.. (both r bestfriends)

i'm used to snap candid pictures!!.. hahaha..


i am so in love with this friendship.. =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

saya nk balik.

 2nd sem drives me nut. i seldom went home.. sempat ddk rumah 2 hr jer wkt mid-break last few weeks. and now.. final exam is coming soon. only have exactly 2 weeks to "rebus buku".. =.="

 next monday -> cuti. and of course, by hook or by crook, im gonna get myself at home this weekend.. and im skipping kelas usrah on saturday.. maaf kak kinah. nk wat cm mane.. huhu..

and btw.. 
my anniversary gift. lol. seriously mcm budak2!!.. isi dlm dia x payah taw lah ek.. =P

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


only can be done in next two three years.. lol

pic was taken during the barbeque night at pangkor

happy anniversary my dear. we've known each other for more than 7 years but still.. these 2 years are the best for me for knowing you very well. i love you so much and may our love last forever till we come at the "tying the knot" day..  insyallah.. =)

p.s: people says kalo muka tue seakan2 sama ada jodoh. i admit that. we maybe look slightly same but i'm fairer than him. hahaha.. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

abang on his way. ha!ha!

mms pic from angah.

this 10 years old kid went for "sunat" yesterday. angah told me he didn't stop crying though being offered with games. lol.. i really wish to be at home now to ejek2 him and usik2 dgn ayam goreng. kah3x.. 

aiyoo abang.. kata rey mysterio.. muahahaha.. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

towards a better change.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433 to all readers.

how's the 1432 treats you? how's your life back then? despite we are using and applying the English calendars, still we aren't forgetting our Islamic one.. rite? 1434 years of hijri has begun and this is the time we checked and analyzed ourselves for what we had done before. and some of them has updated bout their "azam tahun baru" for a change.. maybe.. 

my life is just an ordinary one. went for umrah last 4 month didn't change me after all. i'm not becoming what i wanted to be. instead.. it became worst. im quite a sinful muslim. i realized it but still.. i did the same thing over and over again. i cared about my relationship with humans but not with The Immortal One. once you stepped your foot onto doing bad things... it's hard to turn you back without the eagerness of repent. shame on me. as a student who always kept inside the dalil and hadis in mind, i seldom applied it. =(

as for today.. i woke up earlier and went for study circle class..(earlier for the 1st time =.=") i learnt a lot today when we recited surah al-mu'minun and rephrase its meaning one by one. as the surah told us about the characteristic of mu'min people.. i realized that i had not becoming one of them.. when i started reciting and memorizing one of the prayers, my heart ached deeply. too much sins i had committed. i had being the slave of my own desire quite good enough. i had defaulted my own self. im a total failure of becoming a good muslim and a role to my own siblings. =(

اللهم اغفرلي ما قدمت وما أخرت وما أسررت وما أعلنت وما أسرفت و ما أنت أعلم به مني، أنت المقدم و أنت المؤخر لا إله إلا أنت   

Ya Allah, forgive me for what I have done and what I might do, and all that You know better than i realized it. You are the pioneer and last in all affairs what is veiled, known and violated the limit.

Allah has gave us many chances to repent. and still.. we are lack of awareness that "malaikat maut" are always watching us 70 times. be thankful that we are still alive today and have the time to revert ourselves and muhasabah diri. if we (you and me) are still at the old track, let's do a lil bit transformation towards a better change.. a better muslim..

 رب ادخلني مدخل صدق و أخرجني مخرج صدق و اجعل لي من لدنك ساطاناٌ نصيراً

 Ya Allah, masukkan aku ke tempat yg benar dan keluarkanlah aku ke tempat yg benar. Berikanlah aku kekuasaan yg mendapat pertolongan drpd-Mu..

 my prayers are..

1) take a good care of my relations with god!.. 

2) patient.. banyakkan bersabar.. life and relations are both challenging. bear in mind that i cant fulfill everyone's satisfaction.

3) keep my own thoughts to myself..(exceptions for opinions expression)

4) more towards down-to-earth attitude.

 5) and of course.. x membazir.. =.="

 so guys.. please dont wait anymore.. let's transform ourselves towards a better person. do it for yourselves. it does not mean that you would have to change who you really are but this is about a change for a better. life is short. live simply just to make others simply live. salam.

 oh btw... 

this is bullshit.

p.s: nk dekat final nie lah br nk berubah. ye dok??


Friday, November 25, 2011

good job Bill Condon

p.s:1st of all, Bill Condon is the director. dont misspell his name as condom kay..

i know that people out there especially those who are the biggest and most huge fans of Twilight Saga Series are soo much eager to watch the last movie of Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn Part 1, isn't it..? well as much as eager as i am.. i have already downloaded it and watched it straight away.. hehe.. and the result:

100% AWESOME!!!!.. 

you know this series are getting much better than the first three. Twilight is such a beginner for a vampire atmosphere. (maybe because the director was a woman, so it aint help that much to really copying the book) and new moon was getting much clearer.. strengthened with Eclipse with the action pack and of course.. breaking dawn has beautified it with more suspense and of course the tying the knot. (i cant detect "A Thousand Years" song.. =.=")

which part i like the most: every single part. =D

.. the wedding..
.. the honeymoon awkward moment..
..the time where Bella finds out she is pregnant..
.. Bella was like an anorexia since her baby "ate" her..
.. the scene where Jacob went crazy and admitted himself as the alpha.. (how cool when u watch the werewolves talk to themselves)
.. and of course.. the time when Edward injected the morphine to ensure Bella isn't dead and kept pumping her chest.. (i cried.. ^0^..)

this movie which had been listed in most of the fanatic fans of twilight (like me) as the MOST WANTED MOVIE TO BE WATCHED is a worth!!..  but i think there is a slightly twisted part in this movie.. if u read the book, u'll probably know.. hehe.. but overall.. i'm totally satisfied and enjoyed watching this. cant wait to watch Bella threw her anger on Jacob for imprinting her daughter on part 2. (jacob was quite annoying. dislike him)

rate: 5/5 (an expected rate from the fan)

is it hard for parents to let go their daughter to get married.. early??..
okay out of topic.. *_*

Thursday, November 24, 2011


lately.. aku cepat sngt exhausted..
nasi pun dh x berapa lalu nk makan..

jiwa sngt kacau sekarang..
tekanan perasaan probably. hope this wont affect my health.

Friday, November 18, 2011

a kind of show off mom.

since my dad wanted to buy a new handphone.. especially when he excitedly wanted us to print out nokia N9 and its features..

i texted my mom.. told her to ask abah for not buying that N9..
if he really wants a touch screen hp.. (since his 2 previous touch screen hps were grabbed by his own daughters) i was willingly to give mine.. with a consideration of Ipad.. hehe.. meaning to ask him to buy ipad lah senang citer.. hehe..

and to my surprise.. my mom replied:
sorry to disappoint you, abah dah beli mlm td tp warna hitam sbb pink xde stok (with a smiley show off face) =.="

i was like.. WHAT!!!... nooooooo....

during this message conversation, ma said that she was using her old hp and still aint using that n9 coz she was still learning to use it and of course the reason was she wanted "to act" in front of me this sunday.. derrr~~

MMS pic from angah.

 the tendency of having an enormous jealousy would arise if the phone is in pink. but seriously, casing would soo much help to beautify it.

this afternoon, ma called me. the reason: saje nk try hp baru.. with a devil laugh.. hahahaha.*funny* angah texted me that abang was huyooooooo when he 1st saw it. i bet i knew already what he was going to said next after that huyooo.. ha!ha!..  

i bet they would be (from the left): ANGAH, HAKIM, ABANG N BABY... hahaha..

so i guess no one would be interested with this iphone3 anymore.. huhu..

 xpe2.. since this N9 doesn't have any button at all.. its quite difficult to adapt with the screen most of the time. like for me, when im in a texting mood, i would rather use the keypad. much easier.. so i guess, i'll try to persuade ma to exchange with mine after this.. hehe.. but be4 that, i'll make sure ma to buy casing 1st.. =)

my E7 is much more lovable.. isnt it.. ppffftttt.. =P

conclusion: my family is a big fan of NOKIA

Thursday, November 17, 2011

i need that feeling back.

 hello peeps, readers and silent readers.
 the thought of writing a new entry is like an adrenaline juggling and marathon-ing in my vein. yeah. a likely having that feeling when you are a blogger. but still.. not a fanatic one.

im currently in a relief mood. Islamic Legal System test 1 had just finished. sum up only 1 subject left for mid-test which is next week. and tonight, i dont have that nerve to study. already promised to Asmaa and others to watch al-hijab at 9. and now.. im still blogging.. not yet taking bath.. =.="
being too much dating with books (lie) and having class on saturday cause me for not doing any shopping much. i just went back from my mid-break and still.. aint have ample time to do it. and of course.. having a boyfie who always advises you to save your fulus does not help that much. ha!ha!.. like i care..(sometime)

i miss that moment when i shopped lots of beautiful-cute-hot-amazing-and awed- things. a few weeks ago, i bought a yellow handbag at uia center. but still.. it doesn't cost me too much to get that enthusiastic emotion when doing shopping windows at the real shopping mall.*sigh. to add that, since i've got a tumblr.. which always pops-out with so many cute an adorable things.. i would always have that feeling like questioning myself.. "when was the last day i shopped?"

how gorgeous is this?? @_@
seriously, this semester drives me nut. assignments and task are like running water which never knows the meaning of STOP. but still.. procrastinating is a fundamental and a basic strategy as a uni student and doing last minutes works is quite as much can be called as a skill. kihkihkih..

so.. i think maybe i will retrieve that ohsom feeling after finishing this crazy semester. having break at home and drive all the way round to the town and do some shopping windows as much as i can. or maybe just do some online shopping just like before this. handbags website-checked! dresses?? unchecked. mastercard-CHECKED!.. hehe..

hence.. i think i need to do some shopping-list first before i burnt down my money onto it. rite?