Thursday, March 17, 2011


those who really know me..
yup.. you agree that i'm dat kind or person..

a very clumsy one..
like to try something new.. but it ends up rubbish.. =.="

i've never being able to keep just one handphone..
keep changing and changing..
it's 5 times already..
coz ive lost them.. year by year.. ^^

i've lost my handbag last year..
so.. imagine a handbag..
everything was inside it..
handphone.. matric card, purse; bank cards, ic, driving license..
and dat handbag.. i only used it for only... a few month..

and here in gombak..
i've lost my pencil case..
lost my botol air Bros.. yg br jer beli.. x smpi sebulan pakai..
lost my handphone case kat masjid.. cicir kot.. =.="
i nearly lost my glasses..
luckily it was in my laundry bag.. aiyarrrkk..

and now.. my sim card was rejected!!..
gara2 tangan gatal nk try pin code..
i end up rubbishly when i attempted to change it..
and later it asked for PUK CODE.. wat der???...

finally.. after few attempts.. sim card rejected!!..
and tomorrow (friday) nak blk rumah..
sim card xde.. cam mana nk kol rumah??..
beli sim card baru?? no2x..

ive been so carelessly.. day by day..

is there any cure?? please let me know.. =(


nousya said...


~M-i-M~ said...

ko kna call operator mxis or clcom minx no puk...
xpun,kalo ko simpan lagi kad yg dia letak sim kad tu,dia ada tlis puk...
so amik kat situ je...

na said...

if maxis, can ask your friend to check your puk at *100#. :) other lines, idk. :| hpe this will help. :)