Thursday, May 31, 2012

A moment to reminisce

yesterday was 9 rejab. the actual birth date of mine in accordance with the Islamic calendar. well, not many of us really appreciate their birth date in Hijriah right? as for me, im now 22. tua setahun lah plak kan.. the maturity is a question to be answered. we may look matured outside, but a lil part inside of us is still holding the fact to be a kid.. 

for today, im done with Criminal Law 1 paper. the questions were okay. im glad that i can answer them thoroughly. both of my tests were bad.. really2 bad. i did cry for it badly at one night. assuming the carry marks were low and didn't achieve my own standard. for once, i knew who i was and i knew that i didn't really deserve  getting bad marks in any tests. this sem really taught me a lot to be extra careful and planned the study very very well.. *0*

and oh.. those pic for Ngah's bethrotal day have been uploaded. almost the pics were candid. maklumlah.. excited sangat pakai dslr.. everything was merely a haha.. 

c... i told ya...

sungguh x senonoh daku pakai selipar jer.. =.="

seriously muka menempel..

xpandai zooming.. =.=" ma n abah.. love mom's outfit.. =)

mmg bnyk betul muka aku menempel kat gambar. haha.. pueh hati weyh.. since this was my 1st time attending majlis bertunang, i was quite excited back then to see how pakndak represented our family.. quite funny when he mis-pronounced his own's brother's name.. nama bakal bapak mertua belah llk ler tue.. kih3x..

ok.. these two naughty kids kat mana2 pun sempat lg nk maen wrestling.. aish..

last but not least.. another 4 subject to go before i end up this sem happily.. oh.. really wish 4 anyone who can help me with a new blog layout.. i want to broaden up the space.. =.="

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