Saturday, September 1, 2012


Merdeka in terms of peace, yes everyone is at the same point agreed when it comes to how u describe ur merdeka. i find most of the twtup #merdeka55 twitted the same thing. merdeka is living in a peaceful n loving country.. blablabla.. truly we r living in peace but technically it's not when everyday, crimes are almost at the newspapers' head.. 

Merdeka nowadays especially this 2012 is very unique. As for me, it's unique and bizarre coz it's totally biased and bullshit. Merdeka this year ultimately promotes partism and politics. With #JanjiDitepati slogan and one-sided official song, it really sucks. I was quite annoyed with the "kini tiba masa balas budi" lyrics.. As for the logos, it disappoints everyone as it's obviously like created by paint. *thumbsdown. well, the opposition had done very well in terms of slogan and the logos. ha!ha!ha!..  

When i woke up this morning, i realized ma and abah were at the living room watching television, and i asked them why were you not working? ma said: its merdeka lah. me: oh cuti. its like im really not into it compare to back then. previously, people were kinda enthusiastic and excited celebrating merdeka. Flags are everywhere. vehicles were decorated with flags n those 4 colours. people wearing merdeka attires and of course flags hanging on the trees and houses. it was so fun back then. ads in the tv were also awesome and some of them were manly tears i assured u.

but now, everything's changed. People get separated with their difference views. With Bersih coming up, up-sided Medias and corrupted authorities, im not sure whether we are truly merdeka or not. People keep claiming their rights. everything must be accorded to their satisfaction. If not, there'll be illegal assemblies, riots, strikes and so on. With technologies n news r as easy to catch, people nowadays get deceived easily with unscrupulous stories. Defamation n slander r everywhere. Innocent people was punished and the criminal get freed. Politics get dirty, even more the politicians. They build up cronies and take law into their own hands. Commoners like us are treated like underdogs. Money n power rule, Laws are abducted.. *sigh.

Malaysia is Merdeka, but Malaysian is still terrorized. we have 3rd class mentalities, the lazy and spoon-feed Malays. Racism. Suppression. Secularism.. etc.. this is what u called Merdeka? i doubt that. who to be blamed? i dont know. we have been raised like this, scared of changes n risks. 

cc: Tukang Kata. Merdeka bukan melepaskan burung dari sangkar, fikirnya. Yang lebih penting ialah bagaimana mengajar burung mengenali padi dan permata. Merdeka bukan sekadar meruntuhkan gunung-ganang, membina belantara batu dan pencakar langit; tetapi bagaimana memproduktifkan rakyat supaya mampu memiliki pencakar langit dan belantara batu itu.
.Farouk karya Sabda S. halaman 142.

..we are not there yet... 

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