Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ola comoesta!

It's been a very while. I cant believe that I still have the nerve to write. omg! omg!

Im not into blogging anymore since the last update, well as you can see the date of last post below, it's like 2 years ago. ha! ha!

and now Im writing this while in my office, doing chambering in Kuantan, after giving up chambering for almost 1 month ++ in PJ which was very sucks and unbearable. I couldnt thank much to my husband (yes, Im married with one kid now) who gave me the blessing to do chambering away from our home in Puchong. Thank you Pa.

Since last two years, it has been a very tough journey. Ive got two degrees now in hand. Well, the second degree is yet to be in hand till Im having my second degree convocation this November.

Currently Im staying with my parents and my husband will be a weekend husband. My rich PIL had already moved in to the same housing area with mine which I am very glad sbb dekat jer, and both my husband and I didn't have any problem when it comes to celebrating eid. lol

ok this is my baby. another two weeks and he'll be turning 1 year old!
that's all I got for now. sbb tgh boring2 kat office. haha.

ok toodles!

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