Sunday, January 2, 2011


..Salam n greetings to all..

..happy 2011 n farewell to 2010.. .
..entry nie lmbt sehari.sorry.. =.="

 a beginning of a new year. new age. new semester. new me. and one step to relationship with friends, families n to my dearest one. happy 2011. may this new year will cherish all of you.. may this new year will be better than previous.. may this new year will be another step to improve your upcoming n onwards life.. =)


taught me how to deal with surroundings. getting to know how to make up your works and finish them as a great ending. i end up my foundation on June n pursuit my LLBS on Dec. Life's getting much harder n much responsibility. maturity is one big thing that i REALLY have to compromise with. *i'm still a 9-year-old kid attitude* haha..

the thing that i had regretted most: i was unable to be in a dean's list for my last semester in foundation. a very nearest one. but still all my results maintained the same from the 1st. haha. too much laziness n plays.. =(

Mom said: maintain is good rather than drop. u just have to upgrade more n more. huhu..

...01/01/2011...'s not just a happy new year. but a very happy 20th birthday to ..Wan Amir Alauddin Wan Sharifuddin.. Semoga dipanjangkan umur.. dimurahkan rezeki.. dan diberikan kesihatan yg baik..

... (^-^)...

..home-made choc cake with cheese cream on top.. with 2 melted ladybirds on top.. =)

... baju hitam.. =))..

..i had a very wonderful day on my new year.. =).. 


..Amir Alauddin.. said...

selamat tahun baru...
spe bdak tue..xkenal pon..
oohh date ngn die ek..

Alia Ramley said...

hahaha.. ade la. best per date ngan dia. =P


hahaha..alahai sweetnya korangg..

HNY cik alia.. tahun bila agaknya akan aku panggil kau puan alia? :D

Alia Ramley said...

jihah: haha. thanx. lg 3 tahun blh la ko pggl cm tue.. =P

~M-i-M~ said...

cop...korg gi mana??
mcm best je tmpat korg pegi..
nk gak pegi!!!

Ateeya.. said...

lg 3 taun?? bapak awal nyer...

Alia Ramley said...

haha.. tny amir..

lg cepat lg bagus.. wakaka..