Monday, July 18, 2011


some serious whining!

1) i do want to update this blog and even thinking to re-brand it with something new. which is a new title or maybe delete all the older post and make another kickstart. but as for now, saya memang malas nk bkk laptop yg slow dan broadband yg mcm siput although i was so enthusiastic to upload latest pic with latest events.. =.="

2) i am currently watching CHUCK season 4. the only thing that matters is there is no English subtitle. u know, reading those eng subtitle is kinda fun. not only u can grab few vocabs but u can also learn how to talk english faster. ha!ha!. oh by the way.. i'm waiting anxiously for Vampire Diaries + Glee (season 3).. Alia watched Glee?? yeah.. sorry for the hatred glee-lovers. ngeh.ngeh..(love The Warblers; Blain Anderson! I HEART YOU!!)

3) i want a job! but i'm seriously lazy to fill up the forms.. seeing the employers or having an interview.. ceyt! i guess i just have to stuck in the house as an eligible domestic engineer..

sort of clueless.. rite??.. 
clueless or bengong??..u tell me.. haha..

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