Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a go-thorugh update

oh hello. wow.. its been a while for update-less. last was an update bout how i "screwed up" qahol paper. damn, it was a bit though paper. fidah said since she sat besides the boys.. she was interrupted by a big sigh from them. haha.. too much sigh i guess. couldn't agree more.. =.="


its 17th of Jan 12. happy new year guys!!.. <- bullshit.

aku taw dah lambat. never had the time to wish it here. i did try to update the blog, but since the uia wifi n my berokband were both useless.. so the entries just stuck up in the draft compartment. mianhe.. (ko bajet mcm ada org baca jer kan blog nie.. wakaka).. 

on 1st of Jan.. 
Amir has already turned 21 though he frequently said he's 15.. or 18.. booo.. haha..

only a slice of indulgence at Secret Recipe- wangsa walk. lol


 We were not-so-kind-of celebrating the new year and his bufday coz the only thing that lingered on our mind was something else. hehe.. u know.. sugar gliders lah.. haha.. we decided to buy a new pair of sugar gliders.. that's his bufday gift i guess.. we brought at online found at mudah and of course, its a home-breed. better than buying at petshop.. =.="

the results..

my first time keeping a pet. never thought of this before. so.. this was how it looked like at my compartment. i know it was a bit mess down there so i just decided to put it on my study table.. on the first night, Lugiaa (her name) was soo noisy. she was crabbing and making noises over n over. i was too damn scared to play with her. too furious.. what can i say.. then after  2 3 days.. she's quite ok.. but still garang lagi.. berani pegang waktu tido jer sbb sg nie kalo tido mcm tido mati. xsedar pun org pegang dia.. haha.. 

gmbr nie patutnya melintang.. =.="

Amir too had the same problem to bond with Rufus (the male one).. lagi lah aggresive. so he thought of searching at the youtube bout how to bond with sg and other tips and suggested me the links. yup.. the results were good. though Lugiaa x lh garang2 lg.. but still dia x stick lg kat badan.. and still would like to jump in a sudden kalo keluar dr cage.. haiyaaa.. o_O..

1st time bawak balik Lugiaa.. jakun giler bdk 2 org nie.. hahaha..

Lugiaa's latest home. dah ada sleeping pouch n toys.. hehe..

well.. bila balik rumah mmg excited giler lah kan jmp kak maria yg jual cdf sg and toys.. kalo ada duet lebih mmg nk beli lg.. hoho.. 


oh btw.. citer sket pasal exam.. overall quite okay. i had spent almost the time at room.. klo bosan sket maen ngan Lugiaa.. cume the last paper, Transaction In Islamic Law mcm hampeh jer... bnyk sngt bende nk kena baca.. and wkt exam tue mmg ramai giler kuar awal.. and of course la i was one of them.. huhu..

cara terbaik menghafal kes2 Law of Contract 2 bila sume test pad dah habis.. =.="



Emmet said...

wah, entry yang menarik, blog ni pun lawa, keep up the good work! :D

Alia Ramley said...

thanks.. =)

ZiErWa zAiNaL said...

hehe.. xpe2.. at least ade wish jugk.. happy new year jgk.. mga thn ni lebih baik dr thn sebelumnya,ok...
sgt teringin nk bela sugarglider.. btul kn nama die mcm tu..hehe..

Kalau sudi singgah ya..: Last Paper (Banking)

Alia Ramley said...

try lah bela.. =)

zAhrauna said...

hui kak.. pakai samsung plak kew.. huhu.. samsung galaxy ek.. mcm best jek.. ;)

Alia Ramley said...

best la jgk.. hehe.. yg note punye tuu..