Monday, July 2, 2012

kill the pause

since it's not really a long pause, 
hereby i upload the main pic for Kem Jati Diri SK Assunta Convent

the teachers, facilitators and committees credited to those who uploaded them. i guess though it was Husna's camera, it was other faci who uploaded them. mine was not there much. =( most of the pics uploaded were taken by me..

new news!!..

ive been working as part-time cikgu tadika with my bestie azza. so far it's good though i did feel quite annoying with the kids at the first day. ha!ha! all things they done mesti nak panggil cikgu. "Cikgu! tengok saya buat".. "Cikgu!semalam kan, saya pergi....".. "Cikgu! nak berak"... "Cikgu! nk kencing".. dah berak/kencing, still pggl cikgu.. "Cikgu! Dah"..

suprised me they were so loud!!..

..cute- but don't be fooled..

these are only some of them. last Fri there were 4 more new students. I'll be handling 5 year old kids and Azza will be handling the 4th. we were only told about the appropriate modules to be taught last Sat, so last weeks we both hentam jer nak ajar ape, ikut schedule lama. muahahaha..

nevertheless, i did learn a lot being cikgu tadika. jadi surirumah pun one of the things lah kan. i'd learnt how to handle kids and treat them the way they should be treated. garang kenalah bertempat. and sometime kena berlembut kalo merajuk.. (dah nama pun anak org).. haha.. and oh, duty of care pun mmg kena jaga. nnt xpasal2 kalo kes injury due to stumbling over the toys arose, mampus taw x..

ok.. enough with those kids.. now, tgk nie..


the awesomeness!!

ini.... ini..... ini.... memang irresistible.. do want for my instax!!!..

thanks lah arep sbb tag aku kat lomo hello kitty tue, kalo x mmg aku xtaw ada jual shoot-instax bag.. wuhuuuuuuuuu...

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