Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Salam Ramadhan.

1) er.. how to start? this blog has been in a long pause. i had just succumbed myself with twitter n facebook, which is usually the former presides. i did teach Amir on how to use twitter. well, he's one of a kind who dislike Social Hub..haha..nnn since he had betrayed Symbian n Apple after getting himself with HTC, i asked him to download several apps which i used to play in Mom's Samsung. android enuff?? ha!ha!..

2) my job is a real boredom. cikgu tadika? yeah.. suits me as a fierce mortal. =.=" no adults to have a chit chat. it just me and azza.. trying to mingle with the kids' world. it's quite difficult to teach them from the very beginning. they have a very short-term memory even when u repeat the alphabets n numbers almost 20 times!! well, surely only some of them are kinda slowpoke. the rests are a bit ok.. jadi cikgu tadika lbh challenging dr jd prof u know... *0* nevertheless, i'll surely miss them after this.. =) feveret candid..

1st day Ramadhan.. trtdo dlm kelas.. =)

that awesome day when we manage to get all of them to sleep..

3) already cleaned up the room. threw away all the lousy things which mostly Angah punye. honestly, she was not a very helpful sis when it comes to room. when i came back from uia, i found my table was flooding with her novels n stuff. sigh* 

instax pics pun x beralbum lg.. 
my 2 lovable perfumes pun almost drained out.. =(

4) Abah got another android kununnya untuk Abang coz he's the only one who got not handphone. even baby umo 8 thn pun got himself sony ericson from Amir. haha.. well, the hp was purportedly bought 4 Abang to encourage him study 4 upsr lah. but still that lazy-bones was never gonna change. take everything 4 granted n never regretted for once. aiyoooo.. so now, i hold tht hp 4 a while or maybe keep it 4 myself.. #eh..

ok. xde citer dah. cik Abang msg nak kol toodles. 


me said...

memang seronok jadi cikgu. tension sekejap je, time dalam kelas je..(^_^)

Alia Ramley said...

dalam ke luar kelas ke sama jer zul.. haha..