Tuesday, January 15, 2013

break the hiatus.

Salam. =)

i know it is such a long hiatus. been ignoring the blog for a long while. and its already 2013 while the last post was a few months ago. reason? i'd attached my broadband to my galaxy mini. so tht i could easily surf twitter/fb. dont have to switch on the laptop anymore except for assignment or movie.

2012 was a great year for me. A year that i started to have a pet together with Amir Alauddin. We kept sugar gliders together and now, we both got 2 grand sugar gliders already.ha!ha!. i dont really have any significant even during 2012. maybe if i scrolled down the blog, i could have remembered them. i filled my 3 months semester break working as a part timer at nursery. and... thats it. =.="

i end up 2012 with final exams. well.. every year it's going to be like that. last paper was very tough. ahhh forget it. one thing that was very very awesome was that my family and i went for family vacation at johor during my study week. crazy isn't it? i could have blamed mama for planning it last minute but she claimed that i'd told her that i had a holiday for week but i didnt tell her that it was study week. haha.. 

2012 was a crazy year for fashionista. girls get crazy with peplum. its like a combination of blouse and skirt. im not really into it though i did have one. =.=" ermm what more??.. gotta stop here. bye.  

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