Saturday, June 20, 2009

~...Apa boleh buat...~

It has been 3 weeks in Nilai. Overall summation = Not bad.. really!..[hey, I'm not putting those so called-freedom here].. haha..

On and on, the assignments are in the rising mood.

Currently, I had been assigned with ultimately 3 unexpected assignments :
  • Social Justice in Al-Quran
  • Female Infanticide during Jahiliyah v Infanticide in Modern World
  • Civil Case 1999 Report
Oh my God, I'm not sure whether I have those impervious strength to search the information regarding those freaky assignments..[since the internet is so rubbish!!].. me, please!!!

And now, I've just finished reading my The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle.. two more are waiting to be finished; The Chosen and Night World no.2..

...[don't say anything coz I'm quite tired reading those cases + confronting my lappy]..

this week, I didn't get the chance to drive my VIVA, a.k.a going back I miss it so much. I should be at my bedroom now.. wandering around the house..*sigh*

Earlier, my mom asked me to go back home since "DURIAN dah GUGUR"!!!.. later, I told her that my class would be finished at 5 p.m and so, I had to leave at 9 pm from Seremban. Then I got a really disappointing and discouraging message:

"Ma rase, Ayong x payah la blk. Ala, bukannya banyak sangat pun durian gugur. Lain kali je la blk. X pun, nnt Ma ngan Abah dtg Nilai.."


And for this weekend, I'll try to distract myself for not eating any "nasi".

I'm worried about getting much weight here.. haha.. nonsense!!..These assignments just make me feel dizzy and keep forbidden me to take breakfast, even lunch and especially dinner..!!

I think I have to stop spitting here..bye~

p/s: Practice makes perfect. Hoping for better writing in English.. pray for me..


~Ms. Iva~ said...

aku sndr nak komen post nie..
mcm sedih jer..

meluahkan perasaan yg terbuku.. dah lame keras..

but.. i'm not going to be an ice girl..
hahaha... :(

NaFiS said...

juz wanna say a thing..
whatever tryin to knock you down, juz keep thinking positively..

KeeP MOVING 4ward..hehe