Monday, June 22, 2009

~...This isn't what I had thought...~

I wonder why I'm writing this..
~ yeah.. dreaming to be a legal editor one day...haha..


This noon, I had received an unexpected message in my hp :

Hey guys!! Congratulation for being short listed for the new MELEX committee line up. Do come to Departments of Law for the interview session at 12.00 pm. If you guys in class, please ask permission from the lecturer for 10 minutes. We appreciate.. blablabla........

and I was.. what!!!???.. what the f-shit??..


I hate interview.. It just owh.. God, so rubbish.. There were about 30 law students who had been short-listed.. and of course, I was on of them.. *sigh*

there are 3 interviewers; 2 sis and 1 sengal bro :

1st sis : hmm, ok.. tell me why are you interesting in joining this club..?

me : *God, Help me!! *.. I don't know. I thought this club is compulsory to all law students.. and btw, there are not so much introductory about this club..

sengal bro : aik.. I thought there had been intro about MELEX during taaruf week..?. you didn't attend?..

me : errr, yeah there was, but the info wasn't that so much. It was just exposing about the

2nd sis : tell me about multi-lense club..*mak aii, dia pi bc profile aku*..

kepada pihak RESTU, ku susun splh jari sbb terpaksa tipu sket.. haha..

me: owh, this club had been organizing photo session which had a collaboration with school magazines. And we also organized Tv show..

sengal bro: *interrupt in sudden* did you create the movie/video or just pick up another movie outside..?

me : *Do I have to lie by including MMU's unit name*? We took outside movie..

sengal bro : so the purpose is collecting money, right?..

me : *mak aii bengang giler aku*.. smbl wat muka sengal, aku ckp.. SORT OF..

................ nak citer lagi?.. x payah arr, aku agak cuak kat dlm tue. Dah la kelas bhs Arab pg td mcm season winter kat Kanada.. sejuk giler........

overall, sume die tny aku tipu jer.. haha.. bunyi mcm bagus jer.. hehe..

*dgr citer pas nie ade election plak.. pastu kena promote dr sndr mcm wat pilihan raya*





awe said...

ok ah tu
apesal mcm tanak je
malas ek?

ainazirah said...


all the best, ak harap ko slamat hingga akhirnya..

btw, what's MELEX? cam grand je bunyiknyer.. haha

~Ms. Iva~ said...

to awe:
mmg arr malas awe.. dah smpi tahap mcm nie..
aku x reti arr nak resist...

bantai jer la..

to ainazirah:
well, thanx.. hoping for better consequences from this election..

MELEX tue utk law students jer.. law club ar..
stands for what aku dah x ingt..