Thursday, August 11, 2011

#spontaneous Thursday

another simple day begins with a little day-work-out. i woke up "earlier" than usual continuing yesterday bedroom clean-n-clear-night. my room "was" kinda messy (not now) n it began messy-er when i shared it with a lazy sister. =.=" her stuffs were like bomb of bags. toys, stationery, dolls n gifts were too much too be kept in a small-shared bedroom. it's not enough if i talk bout the dresses, pajamas n all sort of clothes. we both keep buying n buying without thinking that the sliding Japanese wardrobe had been stuck already. =.=" 

 n of course, im not that too struggle to clean up the whole wardrobe so i just tidying up the desk, mirror table, the beds, bag(s) n do a little floor-mopping n vacuuming. 

too much isn't it ?? that small rag is full with lips' stuffs.

 those are all mine. haha! none of them are my sis. and oh, the desk. its just a big study desk where i owned it since standard 3. mmg antik kan. haha. got lots of stuffs here until i dont have that will to touch'em. smpikan berhabuk mcm salji dah. ha!ha!..

on top of my desk. nice chocolaty frame from canada.

collection of vampire novels. stop buying after got tired of spending money on them. hahaha..

 during this 4 month holiday and almost a month left for a new sem, i still dont read the novels which i had promised myself to finish'em.. bad girl. 

my sis's stuffs dat ive talked be4. another 3/4 had been thrown to the store. (sticker yg penuh melekat wkt kck).. aish..

during my youngster period, i was too obsessed with stickers you know till i got for myself two big albums filled with variety of stickers; spiderman, pokemon, digimon, etc.. haha.. n bcoz of dat, i befriended with ketua pengawas till he gave me a big box of spiderman stickers as a gift. muahaha.. good memory still last isnt it.. 

im not sure the reason of collecting those fans.. =.="  

boxes of shoes.

 shoes rack in front of the porch is useless. so i just pu'em in my room. to be safe. ^^.. surely, not all have been done yet. there's a lot more to do to make sure my room is a human room. not a kitty basket. i need to clean up travel bags on top of the wardrobe which might be too dusty i guess. n of course, need as well to think another alternative way to wrap up my handbags. aishhh..

as so much works to do.. the most important thing is to tidy up the nap-n-sleep place;the bed. ive got myself two wonderful companies during my sleep n dats probably coz they are from my darling. hehe..

always having a heaven nap with them

spontaneous rite? coz tetiba jer aku mengemas. hahaha.. 
spontan lah tue.. =P


Ain Zulaikha said...

mesti bilik cantik ni kan :)

Alia Ramley said...

@ain zulaikha:
hahaha.. xde lah.. bese2 jer.. =)

YAN said...

watpe la kasut bebanyak tu..

meaw said...

alyaaaaa,kita nak pinjam bilik awak buleh dak?hehe

Alia Ramley said...

sket jer lah. mana ada bnyk. haha. smpn raya weyh..

Alia Ramley said...

hahaha.. jgn tertipu ngan blk nie..

fadh leyanie said...

dermakan kerajinan anda kepada sy :)

Alia Ramley said...

@fadh leyanie:
haha.. mcm mn nk derma?? bg taw cket..

amir aizat said...

pergh koleksi novel vampire tu,hhuhu

Alia Ramley said...

@amir aizat:
haha.. koleksi jer pun..=P