Saturday, August 27, 2011


my 1st design-my-own-style in looklet.

front view

back view

 ..named this as an orange-street.

whenever people asked me what is my style, i answered it: my mood. i'm not a trendy one. i dont follow the trending fashion. people wore shawl, im still in bawal with butterfly wearing. after 2 3 years following ahead, i started to try circling shawl on my head. but that's only if i wore baju kurung or jubah.. =.="

so, after made up a few blogwalking and being an active blogwalker, i had followed up certain personal blogs which headlining fashion the most or what am i wearing today/what do i like in fashion etc etc..

 i was like whoa.. visit this and you'll be whoa-ing just like me.. the blogger is a young-designer. no idea how young is her young but im so amazed on how she fashioned herself with those stunning and daring outfits. if i were given those dress, i wont dare to wear it. ha!ha! not that to outstanding to be an attention-seeker.

got another one fashion designer as well.. she's a friend of mine. but she doesn't sew, just spitting out her ideas on fashion through sketching. click here.

copy cat from iman.. hehe..

however guys, dont be a copycat. if you really dont have any ideas on how to wear but simply love the way ur friends dress, dont copy them but twisted a bit ur outfits with ur own mood and fav. it's indeed great if u can make ur own dresses. not that impossible rite??.. hehe.. 

and btw.. im in my jacket mood rite now. the looklet style? that was how i inspired from my latest outfits. but seriously, i dont wear hats. ha!ha!.. love the bag LAH!!.. cun woooo.. 

..a long shopping day..
..just love the institute jacket.. ^^..

..visit my looklet page and give ur love.. =)

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Far8 budak baik said...

haha! nape tak suka shawl
lawa ape hak3..
copy pun ok ape..
maju gak setapak dua hihihi
pehh kau pun bergaya je tgk..
jacket siap..haha