Wednesday, October 13, 2010

19th bufday.. - Azza Adwa Azmi -

Salam to all bloggers.

..Happy birthday to my dearest and lovely friend.. 

 ..Azza Adwa binti Azmi..

Thanks for everything.. 
..Thanks for our lovely friendship..

I'll pray that Allah will give you the happiness.. always..

..good luck and all the best for your study..

jgn nakal2x.. and jgn ngade2x nak ngorat doktor kat sana..
remember, you have someone who is waiting for you.. hehe..

p.s: alamak, lupa nk hntr teddy bear gi dobi.. adehh..


Awan Mentari said...

hepi besday azza... hehehee..
saje je pos kt sini..

Alia Ramley said...