Saturday, October 23, 2010

driving back to the old habit.

Salam and greetings to all..'s almost one month-stuck at home-lingering around-wandering-daydreaming..

after almost 4 months studying hard to pass my final chapter of cfs at uia pj.
and of course. i've got the result already. unable to get the dean's list as much as i expected. neaaarly to reach it. well, chill ALIA. it's not the end of the world yet. hehe.. 

and so. here at home. being "forced" to organize the so called home-sweet-home. doing house chores; iron bj skolah adek-lipat baju-sidai baju-masak- ok tipu.xde la wat sume skali. haha.

old habit? sleeping? naah.. kinda tiring (betul ke apa yg aku ckp nie??) haha.. reading lorh. dulu wkt tgh "twilight-maniac" i was totally not in parallel state of mind- being able to finish all those 4 books just in one week.. plus, kept buying and buying vampire novels.. which ended sawang-ing on the rack.. hahaha..

vampires-foundation punye blog pun aku dh privatekan since i've got less-energy to update it though there are plenty of entries which have been drafted w/o publishing.

 back to the story. now i'm currently READING this..

my 2nd Night World. it had been about a year-hunkering on the shelf and the landlord did not own the interest/time to read this 700+ pages of novel. kesian~~

have already started reading 4 days ago.

and now i'm at page 5. wth!!..  -.-"

p.s: err.. bile maw hbs baca??..


afif cute said...

kesiannye alia...hehe, g la tido sne,

Alia Ramley said...

kesian?? nak kesian knape?