Monday, November 22, 2010

never say NO!!.. --> ini bkn iklan support rokok..

Salam n hey yo guys.. readers.. =)

be4 i start.. 
don't ask bout the previous entry kay..
which already DELETED..
coz it was accidentally published by the unparalleled state of mind.. 
.... ngeee XD..

oh. tajuk tue sbnrnye pasal video. jom tgk!!.. 
sape2 tgh tencen/boring tahap gaban tue.. layan kay.. best wooo..

credit to Dr. Chef Afif Fahim.. hehe.. ^0^

I must say that.. if the panda could talk. it would probably say this:

..hey bitch/dick, did u just say NO to my cheese???.. hahaha..
mencarut sudah  -__-"

mcm bdk kecik xdpt mainan jer. the best part yg dia buat jatuh trolley tue. tercengang bapak budak tue.. hahaha..NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA. yeah!!...

..say "NO" if u dare.. kih3x..

p.s: hope my teddies wont turn into this.. wuwu~..