Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the randomness. -___-"

..Salam and greetings readers..

 it's been a while.. already spent about one month at home.. and it's fleetingness.. and now another one month left. cr keje? naah.. angan2 kosong. back then i was so enthusiastic to find work-top-up my pocket with money but it ends up sticking at home. baby sitting my 2 younger brothers n mnjd driver terhormat hntr mem besar gi office. adooi.. 0_0..

time cuti time diet. hehe. suppose i had planned to fat-ting myself but it turned otherwise. haha. last update, I was 42kg. impressed huh? tiang elektrik dah aku nie. haha. no more ice-cream-no more nasi tambah- but just fruits and chocolate milk. kih3x..

2 movies that i had been watched; Magika and Megamind in 3D. both were superb. worth watching at cinema.. i guarenteed you. hehe.. ^^

 citer bdk2. bese la. tp best.. KRU movies mmg best.

the best scene bg aku adalah wkt puteri gunung ledang (Ning Baizura) yg menangis sbb dh jd andartu. haha. ala, mcm korang taw kan, dia wat syarat mcm2 bila nk kawen ngan sultan melaka. haha. giler klaka. last2 x kawen jd la andartu. kih3x.. tp dgn pertolongan nenek kebayan yg wat jamu muda guna tangisan bdk2 kecik.. Puteri Gunung Ledang tue jd la muda blk.

pas nie tgg Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa plak. weee.. =D

next. Megamind 3D.

series best. a must-watch movie beb. klaka giler..

when a villain creates a new super hero for a fight partner and later turns out himself being a superhero and save the day. haha.

done with the things that-i-have-done-to-fill-up-the-emptiness-of-the-holiday.. hoho.

ok. latest thing: grad cfs students turns out to be hectic with the issuance offer letter (today) and course schedule. and of course the new upcoming AIKOL-ians are mumbling and bubbling and nagging with dissatisfaction about the course schedule which they found really2x messy.. haha.

watch this. 
click to enlarge.

course schedule. 1st page.. -_-!

so. aku pun tgh tgg org laen yg wat.. so. anyone who had already arranged ur schedule, let me know kay. hehe. btw.. utk subjek wajib cm BM isn't in the list.. right?.. hmm..

ok. forget bout uia. aku dpt taw yg Zaid Ibrahim dh letak sume jwtn dlm Parti Kacau Rakyat (PKR) n he's not going to be involved with Timbalan Presiden PKR election anymore. quite surprise huh? dl beria giler nk masuk election tue tho the politician theorists said it's impossible for him to win.. (since dlm PKR pun ada gak angkat menantu sndr pegang jawatan).. it was reported that he was disapointed with PKR's leadership and blablabla..

Zaid Ibrahim n Co. --> berebut lawyer nk keje ngan dia. huhu..

bnyk plak citer. erkk..

 oh. one more thing. skrng tgh layan The Vampire Diaries s2. and now at epi 7. the series are way much better than the novels. seriously serious!!.. coz in the novels themselves, L.J Smith wrote down lots of feelings and the setting description which for me.. lead to yawning. haha..

 ..guys.. u've gotta watch it!!..

well.. tue jer kot. at least. hehe..

p.s: any info bout uia.. let me know kay.. 


nadrah zainuddin said...

weh aku tgk vampire diaries masa kat pj. aku tgk guna bb aku. hahaha bosan punya pasal. kat rumah aku sentuh tv pun tak. tgk bola je. hahaha. eh aku tak perasan. kau pun letak course schedule kat blog. hahaha.

Alia Ramley said...

aku dh tgk smpi s2 dah. hehe..


Parti Kacau Rakyat..

kah kah kah

Anwar mmg patut bersara la..he's willing to do anything to become a PM..bahaya kot..lgpun aku kesian la kat dia,tak pepasal kena masuk jail lg :D

Alia Ramley said...

hahaha.. yer betul!!!