Thursday, March 12, 2009

~...The Day Has Come...~

12th of March 2009.. huh.. how can i forget this day..

~ My nervous day ever...
~ It's just that someone are going to bring me to the dark side..(wohoo!!)

yeah.. The SPM results releases on this date..(TODAY!!).. So, i went to my school this morning, together with my dad, my mom, my youngest bro, my 2 cousins..riding my dad beloved's car..haha..

Know what..? I cant even simply guessing what will I get.. Cant even!!.. No doubt that I am hoping for the excellent results ( 11 A1's)..but still, 9a's is minimum.. ( praying & praying)..

some of my frenz kept sending " gud luck " messasges.. thanx guyz.. ( love you all)..

so, I planned something.. (jeng..jeng..jeng).. I had kept thinking of this godo2 idea since last fortnight..hehe.(funny I guess)... when I said it to one of my fren, he said that..

" Ala, rilek arr.. jumpe arr kejap kawan2..bile lagi kan.."

haha, I told my parents that when I just got the slip into my hand, I dont want to meet anyone.. I just wanna go home.. (haha..!!)..

so, guess what was my result..??..??

I got 6 1A's, 4 2A's, 1 3B

A1 - BAHASA MELAYU.. (of coz la wei)

A2- ARABIC LANGUAGE.. (arggh!!.. i want this to be A1)
ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS.. (not really good at this, but thank god)

B3- PHYSICS.. (I cant bring this subject, my soul rejected it)

hmm.. i envied my frenz who received straight A1's..
blablabla... urgh!!...

whatever it is..
Thank to God for giving me this good result.. Al-hamdulillah...


Bittersweet Ganache, flavoured with Red Chilli said...

cheh! best la tu result. sy hampeh je :P
pasni alia nk amek ape? best of luck babe! congrats! :)

~Ms. Iva~ said...

to aliah:
best ape nye..
nak amek medic atau law.. tapi ade gak try apply mechanical engineering..haha..

well, thanx..