Friday, March 27, 2009

~...Diri in saje yg Tahu...~

Fail??.. yup.. my second failure..and I really am so sad about this. Well, i had wrote about the technical problem when i was going to apply law course- sponsored by J.P.A.. and now, i am not able to further my study in oversea.

Well, i changed my mind. I went to Che's blog and found a few scholarship links..(thanx Che).. i found Yayasan TNB.. My hope came to a really bright at that time. So, applied it. Thought i didn't like the course given ; mechanical engineering.. urgh!!.. I hate physics.. I just hope that maybe i should try something new if i ever got the interview by this scholarships..

well, today.. 27th of March, i went to check the result.. and of course with a B3 for physics, i didn't get the scholarship.. huh.. not my luck i thought.. with this 2nd failure, i don't know what to do. Day by day.. err.. (i think i dont want to write about this).. sorry..

maybe mine is next time...~ daa...


husna said...

xpe la..
next time agakny..
do pop up window for comment la..
wheres shout box ha?
do my tag..~

~Ms. Iva~ said...

yeah thanx...