Monday, March 23, 2009

~...Me and Azza vs Syauqi...~

lalalala..~ huhu..

well, today was a lil bit a happy and a fun day for me. After finished our (me and Azza) driving lesson at Elit, Indera Mahkota, I accompanied Azza to Megamall..actually, just to withdraw her we didin't have to go to Megamall just to withdraw money, but since "dah terlajak pergi bandar" we just decided to have a walk at that mall.. hehe..

after the withdrawing, we went to the Popular, just to check out any latest vampire novels..haha.. Then, we went to KFC, and took our lunch - Zinger burger + cheesy wedges + pepsi.. simple, but we love them..!!!

and later, someone peeked on us, and i wondered who was him.. lol, Syauqi rupenye..he's alone, waiting for his unexpected friendz..Azraai or Alep..huhu.. We chatted together.. and i did feel so happy meeting my old fren..(quit freaky coz i did have a mighty quarrel with him, but pass is passed)... it was so long not to meet my oldie male funny and sporting frenz.. how i missed the day.. (oopps, zipp!!)..

AND NOW, this is the climax for the post. Later, we decided to have a karaoke!!!.. 6 songs!!.. can u imagine it??.. me and Azza versus Syauqi!!.. OMG, he's superb u know..(4 ur info, he's already has an indie band called THE NAME).. Syauqi's voice is good and great.. I love and miss all the nasyid moments in SMART.. haha.. Yeah, how were we going to defeat him.. He managed to sing the high-pitched note (Aduh Saleha, lagu Mawi)..adui..oldie betol..

these were the songs that we sang..

1- Hey Jude (The Beatles) by Syauqi

2- This I promise you (N Sync) by me..hehe..

3- If I let you go (Westlife) by three of us

4- Aduh Saleha (Mawi) by Syauqi

5- Its gonna be me (N Sync) by me and

6- Cinta (Misha and Jaclyn) by me and Azza.. urggh!!.. so high-pitchy..

puas giler dapat nyanyi!!!.. but of course la.. i admit it!!.. I adore Syauqi's voice.. wait!!.. only his voice..(org dah berpunye le)..kahkahkah...

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